Saturday, 26 December 2009

Breaking the blog spell...

My beautifully captivating and mesmerising big sister cast a spell on me. It was a spell that would make me sit in up in the clouds and write a blog every single day...mostly for her benefit - as she dutifully and kindly read and commented on each one. Being easily coaxed into most things and liking the idea of a blog meant this spell was fine...for a while.

Then.....I was sitting minding my own business (I look quite funny when I do that - most people do) when a huge green common-sense elf wearing red hotpants came and waved his wand at me declaring,

"Writing a blog every day when you work full time, have two youngish children and a million projects on the go at any one time, is a little silly. You can waffle on and on about just about anything and do have about forty draft blogs saved ready to run, but it's probably best you aim more for quality than quantity and only write about slightly more fully formed ideas! After all, less IS more."

I was released -although I fear that breaking the spell might cause the big sister to think up another spell...

I also want to cast the spell back on the big sister....


  1. A blog a day is very hard if you want to have something meaningful to say each time. I'd rather people wrote less frequently but with more interesting content.


  2. I reckon twice a week works really well. My pattern is once a week and I am working up - you are clearly working down! you have such a great name.

  3. I love reading your blogs, so don't worry about quality, I think they're great. But if you've already got 40 drafts ready to publish, perhaps it's time for you to take a break and just press the "publish" button every so often?

  4. I think that time is precious and that to get the best out of it we have to be circumspect.

    Happy New Year to you and yours,


  5. Your blog is wonderful and will still be wonderful whether you blog once a day or once a week (Try not to do once a month cause we'd all miss you!!). It should be fun...not something that is adding to your list of things that must be done so I say blog when you feel like it and don't when you don't :-)

    C x

  6. Ah thank you all for your loveliness. I was with Jonathan
    and his family on Christmas Eve and we were talking about the blogging community we belong to and saying how wonderful it was. (Cogitator is our main crossover)
    I had not realised what a reflective tool blogging is...not because it makes you develop your own thoughts but because you get feedback from others. It also, mostly feels very supportive in a way I could never have anticipated.

    Here's to 2010 being one corking and a-bloggin' year for all of us....

  7. Dear little sister

    Was that elf our little brother by any chance?!! Whovever elf is, he's wrong because:

    1. Blogging makes you happy! I can see that. It's SO your medium. It's helped you get over your MLC right?!
    2. Your blog makes other people happy - and the number is growing!
    3. Your daily blogs are always high quality. Even if you blogged three times a day they'd be great. You have so much to say that is worth listening to to make us think or laugh. I don't see any sign of you winding down or running out of ideas! (as if).
    4. Your blog is well on the way to being famous and ruling the world!

    However, as I suggested the blog for your pleasure not mine (though I LOVE it!), I am willing to undo the spell. You will have to find me a couple of newt's tails and a black widow spider's web sac first though...

    Love, Nickleson xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. I really love your bloggingtons!

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  10. I figured you might know Jonathan.... hope you had a great time!

  11. Thank you Nikki

    Yes Jonathan's great and I adore his wonderful wife ('My Celia' - although she tells me she doesn't belong to anyone) and he has three wonderful daughters. It's a great family to hang out with.

    What did you say and retract Mr Jonathan? Were you going to be cheeky or stern?

  12. Oh and with regards to frequency of blogging, I will just go with what feels right and take little breaks when I need to!


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