Random Walk Instructions

Lockdown has certainly meant I have 1) been on a lot of local walks and 2) 'milked' my city as much as I could such that there are few corners of it that I haven't explored. This was a walk my main walking buddy and I did in a highly urban area. I made up the instructions unsure of whether they would work or not - but they worked well so I thought I would share the instructions to the 'out there'. You'll need to adapt a couple of bits - like the names for example. If anyone does it - I'd love to hear how it went!

Random Walk Instructions

·      Walk straight unless told otherwise.

·      At T junctions toss coin head left tails right

·      At bends, follow bend round.

·      If you reach a dead-end, turn around and walk back and continue with the instructions.

1)     Walk forward.

2)     Take the first opportunity to turn right. Put the name of the road you are walking down into a sentence, a song or make an anagram of that name.

3)     Look for the letters in your name. Photograph them (MOLL is allowed the Ls to be the same. SUE IS sue). When you have both have done this, take the next left.

4)     Continue until a post box and after that take the next right.

5)     Walk down the next road with the letter T or S in it.

6)     At the next drain you see in the road or on the path, take a silly selfie.

7)     After the next silver car passes, take the next left.

8)     Walk until you see an oak tree, then take the next right.

9)     At the first dip in the curb, photograph your shoes in the most interesting way possible within a 4 m radius.

10) Keep walking until you pass a dog or a cat, then take the next left.

11) On the next corner, take the most interesting picture you can.

12) Keep walking until to pass a hedge. Take the next right.

13) Keep walking until a road sign. Take the next left.

14) At the next red door, take a photo of your walking partner that makes it look like they live there.

15) Look for a flower, real or painted. Take a photo of it. Then take the next right.

16) Walk past 5 people, then take the next left.

17) Keep walking until a shop. Rename the shop then take the next right.

18) Spot the next purple thing (not on Molly). Photograph it. take the next left.

19) Walk until the next double yellow lines and take the next right.

20) walk until the next pedestrian crossing. Cross it. Take the next left.

21) Walk to the next parked car on the street. Make a word using all the letters in its registration. Take the next right.

22) Count ten lampposts on one side of the street. At the fifteenth lamppost, take an entertaining picture involving the lamppost, then take the next left.

23) Count eight white lines in the centre of the road, then take the next right.

24) Continue until you pass a person and take the next left.

25) Find the best photo to take wherever you are to show the walk has come to an end.

These joker cards can be used once each for any time you feel yourself strongly resisting the way the instructions are sending you!


Call for a U turn


Ignore the coin


Walk for a bit in direction of choice before restarting the instructions



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