Sunday, 22 November 2009

Advent calendar

For the last three years now, my husband has been lucky enough to have had an advent calendar made personally for him by me. This year is no exception and this is what it looks like on the outside (my best child-like art style):

However on the inside he will find an unusual mixture of things. (And in the unlikeliness of you reading this, Andy, avert your eyes now or risk spoiling the surprises)
For example:
• Single sock speed-dating
• A triffoloop (a strange looking creature)
• A ratty donkey
• An alien hatching pod
• Dragon dribble
• A man with an asteroid for a head
• A collapsed tepee
• A bronze bust of Toyah Willcox
• A waxy cotton bud
• His name written in urine in the snow
• Womble poo
• A flurry of punctuation
• A teapot graveyard
• A lady in red
• Etc – I can’t remember any more – so I will have to wait with excited anticipation alongside my husband. He must feel so loved.


  1. Single sock speed-dating. Now that's an idea.

    Trouble is I think it will result in partnerships that are good for a one-night stand only, and I wear my socks for weeks :)

  2. Why does he always get everything? He's just a bloke you know. Give me more stuff.


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