Sunday, 1 November 2009

Another D & D activity

Imagine you have just walked into a newsagent. You go to the till to pay for your newspaper. The person in front of you is paying for two chocolate bars by counting out a load of small change. They also have a ten pound note in their hand. Their coins fall short of the full price by 1p. They turn to you. You have 1p.

So there is a need - albeit a very slight one.

NoW don't consider whether you would or would not help the person...that's another activity.

Whom from the following list do you think you would most instinctively want to help?

• A businessman in a suit
• A scruffy alternative looking young female
• A person with very poor English
• A woman with several children

Have you thought?

You see the funny thing is...even with this little amount of information, most of us can make some assumptions about these people. We have hardwiring that makes us unconsciously assume things about people based on whatever (however little) we know about them.

What are we like! That's rhetorical.


  1. I meant to say, this actually happened to me and it was the second person on the list. I handed the penny over and it caused the woman behind the counter (after the chocolate buyer had left) to snap at me,
    "She had a ten pound note you know."
    Clearly I had done wrong!

  2. Erhm, I think I might have been the woman counting the pennies out!!! And THANK YOU for your penny - it was still warm from your mollyhand....:)

  3. The guy in the suit, obviously. Most likely to afford the interest payments and may even have washed his hands.

  4. What a strange encounter. All human life was there :)


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