Saturday, 21 November 2009

Away with the fairies

I think I might possibly be the most away-with-the-fairies person that I think I know. My head is rarely in the moment (unless I am doing yoga) and I have an incredible capacity to not notice things - really NOT notice things in a way that people are shocked when they recount a description of something, someone, some place or the huge lorry blocking the road that I should have seen and nothing registers with me. Or when I turn up to work with clothes on inside out and/or back to front or the time I arrived at school aged 15 with odd shoes on.

Also, as a child I just could not hear stories. I was amazed when I realised others could and did. I never got beyond the first two sentences before my head was off in Wandering-wonderingsville. I still struggle a bit with the radio - but people don't believe me when I say that.

Now that my eyesight is getting a little long with age, I think the complete package makes me seem very special needs (forgive my dark side please). I am definitely on the Molly Potter spectrum and would love to meet someone else who was down my end and see how they survived.

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  1. I waited for several minutes utside a vacent toilet this weekend because I thought it was occupied - for no real reason. The door said 'vacant.' Like me.


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