Sunday, 29 November 2009

Blog theme

Whenever I have spoken to anyone about blogs, the issue of 'theme' always comes up. It is always implied that for a blog to do well, it needs to have a clear and unique theme.

I am really not sure if my blog has an emerging theme unless it's something like 'random utterances from a fluid brain wiring' or 'creative amateur psychology with lighthearted breaks.'

Any suggestions?

However, if I were to have a theme I might:
• Get a photo of a stranger smiling – one per day – try and find out what made him or her smile
• Take a newspaper headline a day and write my own version of the story e.g. an optimistic, fairytale, alien, historical, meticulous detail, etc version
• Get the responses from a variety of strangers to the same question – one a day e.g. what could you never live without or if you ran a shop, what would it sell, if you had to eat one food all day, what would you choose?
• A photo and/or description of a different room a day e.g. people’s houses, shops, public building etc
• A random sentence from a book and illustrate it.
• Start a conversation with a stranger a day and write about it
• Read my horoscope and reflect on how true it was.
• A daily photo of something that changes over time e.g. my fridge, the park’s play area, a busy street, the sky
• A photo of a person, two things written that are true about them and one lie. Guess the lie.
• Self portraits from different people – words, cartoons, abstract pictures, paintings
• My favourite thing on sale in a variety of shops – photograph it and describe it.
• The day’s top irritation – elaborated and explored – a bit self indulgent and like ‘grumpy old women!’
• Find and photograph as many different representations of a particular object as I can find and where I found it e.g. a flower (on clothes in shops, on cards, in books, in church carvings etc. I think this would make me obsessive!
• Explore an unusual word a day. One I do not know the meaning of. Put it in a sentence, illustrate it, put it to use and describe the response it got!
• Photos with a figure of something hidden in it (e.g. the same small cuddly toy) for people to spot!
• I could go on.....!


  1. Well personally, I don't think anyone could make a blog without it having a theme. Eventually teh posts would have an identifiable theme, slant on life, style, whatever.

    You're blog doesn't need an artificial theme to make it interesting.

  2. Are you suggesting ideas for me?!!

    There's a very successful blog about queues apparently.

    I think a theme is emerging in your blog but can't quite put my finger on it just yet!

    I think an artificial theme can (but won't always) help a blog be successful (make money through ads), but the main purpose of a blog is to make the person who is blogging happy. Then that is proper successful innit?

  3. I think there is an important but often overlooked difference between a theme and a voice. Most important is developing the latter.

    You can develop mini themes as you go - I have few on my blog: Collections, Wales, Family, Landscape...

    A good one might be called 'I could go on...'

  4. Pleasantly flondering around = I could go on!!!! I guess that's what we're all doing!


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