Sunday, 1 November 2009

Difference and diversity

I recently went to London to deliver an interactive presentation on Difference and Diversity for the PSHE CPD leads (people leading the national qualification in Personal, Social and Health education) - showcasing activities I use with teachers to help them broach D & D and inclusion issues in school. The bottom line is about helping children and young people to stop seeing difference as alien, strange and 'not like us' and helping them to see diversity as interesting and 'something worth getting to know.' This makes it sound really straightforward - but there are a range of forms of 'anti-diversity' -from blatant discrimination to more subtle forms. This is a tool I have used with teachers to explore the varied forms of anti-diversity. I give them examples from resources and the media and ask them to match up the type of anti-diversity with the example. e.g. "some of my best friends are gay".

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