Sunday, 1 November 2009

I'm not a Myers Briggs Fanatic!!

What a lie.

O.K. I know people....
hate to be pigeon holed - (especially Fs)
or things that pry into their psyche (especially Is)
or they consider psychology too woolly to be a proper science (espcially Ts)
or they cannot see its applications (especially Ss)
or dislike the idea that there are so few ways to categories a person (especially Ps)
but I think any tool that helps with self-awareness can only deliver a dollop of helpful learning if we are prepared to receive it.

All that unconscious stuff we project into the world is one thing but Myers Briggs is a simple starting place to work out what makes a person tick.

There are four spectra and every individual sits somewhere on it - by preference. We struggle if we find ourselves in a situation (in a job, socially, through our parents' style of parenting)that forces us to exist outside our preference. We can doubt our strengths and fail to understand why others just don't 'get us'.

Obviously this is likely to happen more to those that exhibit strong preferences...with strong preferences comes talents, but also blind spots.

I could ramble on forever about the lessons I have learnt through Myers Briggs but I know my strong ENFP preference tends to make me too enthusiastic and overbearing for some - so I am not making the horse drink, or even dragging it to the water...find out for yourself and I guarantee it will 'speak' to you if you have ever felt like a social misfit!!!!!!!


  1. I know people hate to be pigeon-holed - (especially Fs)

    That was a joke, right?

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  3. I meant to write...
    INTJ - the most independent of all the types. If you google the letters 'INTJ' you'll be surprised how much comes back at you.


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