Sunday, 1 November 2009

Mid-life crisis - what's it all about?

It's contradictions having a frenzied battle in your head for 2-3 years.....

  • Finding some meaning in the context of realising that it is all actually meaningless
  • Developing apathy at the same time as panicking because you can see/feel life is finite
  • Questioning how to cut out inane stuff but being drawn to it at times
  • Debating a complete change in direction but nothing appealing very much
  • A feeling no amount of articulation depletes
  • Hoping that it is a storm that just needs to be ridden and that one day, one will wake up and just feel settled inside!!!
  • Looking for an answers that probably doesn't exist

    I am guessing it amounts to finding pleasures in small things, making people happy, using creativity, learning and teaching...but not feeling it ...yet!
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