Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Photo scavenger hunt

For my 40th birthday I had a 1 p.m. to accidentally 3 a.m. barbecue. It started very civilised and ended with us dragging an 18 year old lad off the street and persuading him not to join the army. (A celebration is never complete - I find - unless a stranger has been made to participate).

Always being one to feel like I need to provide entertainment, I produced a treasure hunt for the children and a photo scavenger hunt for anyone. A map illustrated the route on which the scavenger hunt was to be completed.

I need to clarify - I didn't make anyone do the scavenger hunt, it was optional and a few glass-starts of beer in (I kept losing them), I had forgotten all about it. However, two teams did eventually stumble across the instructions and participated. These are the photos they were asked to scavenge:
A photo ..

• with all ‘team’ members’ heads and a chimney in the picture
• that is a picture for an advert – doesn’t matter what you’re advertising
• of a picture of a fish made by things you have found (e.g. leaves, litter..etc)
• of one team member hugging a checkout person
• of some of the team sitting on a post-box
• of two strangers hugging
• of the team clearly doing OR not doing something a sign is telling you to do
• that is the album cover
• of a silly sign you chalked somewhere (chalk provided)
• of you looking shifty and like you are about to steal a car
• of all of your feet on an interesting and/or unusual background
• of you all pretending to be statues
• of the team in front of a red door
• of you all clearly using playground equipment incorrectly
• that’s the still of a road safety clip

Both teams completed the whole scavenge and these were my favourite photos of the ones they took. (It should be obvious which of the above photos they are!?!?)

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