Thursday, 12 November 2009

Secret best friend

I first encountered the idea of having a secret best friend at Green Man Camp in Tuttington, Norfolk. Shortly after arriving, everyone pulled out the name of the person at the camp that they were to anonymously 'spoil' all week. Not being one to do this kind of thing by halves, my secret best friend was treated to:
• A poo poem (see next blog)
• A set of creative tasks to complete
• A story –Sharon and the seven hippies
• A green man mask
• A ‘wanted poster’ publicly displayed and outlining his crimes
• A thought-sorter with instructions (turn the handle and it sorts your thoughts)
• A strangely decorated book mark – he was reading when I first found out who he was
• A beer
My SBF also happened to be a pretty great bloke called Papa Bear and all gifts were received as intended.

I extended this idea last year to replace the usual secret Santa at work - that for me - is always an anti-climax. For one week very close to Christmas, our team of seven, anonymously sent hot drinks, treats, small gifts, treasure hunts etc to each other. We also involved other people in the building to help carry out deliveries and provide distrations. Some of us became quite skilled at being devious.

Of all the things I did for my Christmas SBF, my favourite was placing more and more rubber ladybirds on and around her computer as the week went on so that by the end she was overrun with an infestation. What's more, there wasn't a single ladybird that I positioned without significant giggling.

Mine's a small, and easily amused mind.

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