Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Another funny story

This is from my collection of funny stories that I encounter because of my job. It made me smile!

A Year 3 pupil (aged 7) asked her teacher,
"how do you spell 'f*ck'?" The teacher was obviously taken aback, coughed and replied,
"What is it exactly you are trying to write?" To which the girl replied,
"I've got the 'Nor', I just need the 'fuck'!"
'Norfolk' for those of you that might not have got there. A county that's beauty is found in its skies.


  1. Brilliant.

    Now we're talking! xxx

  2. Very good ! You know I was thinking of a frequently used Irish expression until my eyes moved down :-)

  3. Funny - you might like this too:

  4. out of the mouths of babes.

  5. You have an interesting take on life and I like your blog. I signed up as a follower. Drop by my place for a quick look and a margarita.


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