Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A blog request..

I've had a request (I take requests) for a blog from my blog's greatest follower: my sister. Hello Claire you big loveliness. Her request was:
Can you write a list of things you say at least once a day every day i.e. phrases and expressions you say a lot.

Now being me, I have to bend the rules a tad because I am a bit of a catchphrase person and have periods of time when I say the same thing a lot ...but not necessarily every day ....and then move on to new catchphrases. So I am going to categorise my list:

Things I do probably say every day
*Could you flick my computer on please? (as my husband goes to get his underpants!)
*I love you
*You're great
*Alright darlin'? (I probably say that 20 times a day)
* Mc - I turn many things into a rhyming Mc for example Chilly McFilly or Scrummy McWummy (my daughter is very irritated by this so I am trying to phase it out)
*Where are my shoes/keys/etc?...something is nearly always playing up and hiding from me
*I'm just going to juice (beetroot and carrot juice every morning)
*Let's go snuggle up
*I'm having difficulties
*You're bonkers
*Anyone got anything to report - said round the dinner table every night as we share our day's stories
*Time for a huggle/give us a kiss (I'm overbearingly demonstrative)
*I love my family!!!! (declared loudly - usually after someone has done or said something funny)

Current catchphrases
Some of these have been around a while now.........
*You know me - vague in a specific way (which actually means I know clearly what I don't want but not what I do want)
*Everyone has great bits and crap bits
*Have you grown? I say this to everyone who is taller than me - which is most people.
*I'm with you (said to reassure my husband when I am in the passenger seat that I am navigating and have not started daydreaming)
*You could have married a nice girl
*quite frankly - a great phrase to punctuate something that needs really expressing
*Do I look like I can go into the real world (to prompt my husband checking me over before I go to work)
*It's not me - it's the way my brain is wired
*I'm a little over-stimulated
*It keeps us off the streets which is good because I for one would be out mugging (said at work regularly)
*I'm peaking/I think I peaked too soon

Old catchphrases that I can remember
*Roger -there was about a year when I called EVERYONE I knew Roger or Rodge- my kids, my husband, my boss, my colleagues. I have grown out of it now. People are probably pleased.
*My life is an interactive Mike Leigh Film - originally started by my brother-in-law
*That's a pile of poo (adjective - something I don't like)
*What is the point of you again?
*It's probably a pilot scheme - just been reminded of that - used to describe anything slightly out of the ordinary in Norfolk as rumour has it Norwich is the centre of the pilot scheme universe
*That's hard work food (nuts, tangerines, boney fish etc)
*Are you gonna pull through? - asked when someone - usually my husband - looks a little under par!
*I love you one - to which my chap responded - I love you too.

I might have to add to this over time because this is all I remember now but I know there are more. Just call me Brucie.xx


  1. Good list Brenda.

    You forgot "I'm a bit squiffy" and "ENTJ" or EFTJ/INTJ/ISTJ/etc.(said diagnostically and confidently and accusingly). They are your number one phrases surely! Or are they so 2009?

    And if you don't mind, I started the Mike Leigh thing, not Mike - test it, ask him who Mike Leigh is. He may struggle! Then again, he might have nicked it from me and passed it off as his own. He's a bit of a phrase magpie I've noticed.

    Thank you. But you are disqualified for bending the rules xxx

  2. I liked that post.

    I notice my boys say "I'm good' all the time.

    Dylan has taken to saying 'what?' in an accusing tone that only a five year old could get away with.

    Whatever I say Jane just smiles and carries on regardless - best way probably.

    Enjoy christmas. I've enjoyed your blog and thanks for your kind comments on mine.

  3. beetroot and carrot juice.

  4. Claire...No James started the mike Leigh thing!!!! Mikey wouldn't start something like that!!! I have been told now by three seperate people that I rememind them if 'her' off 'Happy Go Lucky' can't quite see it myself!!!

    Mark - it's funny when my sister asked me to do this, my very initial response was - I don't say anything more than it's taught me something! I tell people it's best if they don't listen to me, or if they do to realise nothing's based on reality. I sometimes think i have a sort of social tourettes.

    Clipster - it's delicious and makes me bounce around all over the place. Makes me seem like a health freak to say I .juice....but it's mostly a grat counteraction to the volume of alcohol I consume...

  5. Oh yes, sorry I didn't read the 'in-law" bit! But I think you'll find behind every good man there's a good woman!

    I don't know Happy Go Lucky???

    One part juice, hundred and one parts alcohol. That's the way to do it, right?

  6. Ooohh, I loved this post!!

    I adore your phrase....'You know me - vague in a specific way'

    I might have a go at doing this sometime...I do already know that I have a habit of saying 'Awww, it's a wee shame for you' in a sarcastic manner!

    C x

  7. Oh yes, I do know Happy Go Lucky and no, you are still not like her! People are pigeonholing 'people who are a bit wacky' and putting you in it but you don't fit! You have your very own pigeonhole (with flowers and a papermache dragon on it) xxx

  8. Carol, please do have a's surprisingly insightful to a person's life and personality I think!!!

    Claire please make a request any time!


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