Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I am lightening up today with some silliness!! Please join in.....!
I was once told that thinking up uses for a brick was a way to test people's creativity. So I went home and I had one or two ideas....
• prop up a table that had one leg partially removed by a hamster with a chainsaw strapped on its back
• an imaginary friend for those wishing for an entry in the best of British eccentrics
• the start of a long story about Jack the builder for visual learners
•a chest rest to help you read a hardback book
• to provide a bit of momentum to shove a stiff tap
• a foot pumice
• something that made you feel like you had done a headstand without actually turning yourself upside down
• a pushchair brake
• powdered into a rouge
• a blindfold for a cheat that you didn’t like very much
• a counter for a 'stand in' during a game of twister
• a marker for a blind person to help them find their front door
• a booster for a sandcastle for the kid who got to the beach and had no tools
• a slug killer
• a strike for a match if you need to look cool
• a wall
• a tool to make you appreciate your partner I his/her absence by forcing yourself to share a bed with it
• a potato masher
• a template for another brick
• a theatre prop that was pretending to be an early mobile phone
• an ashtray
• a wrapped-up-as-a-trick expensive present – cos they’re heavy
• a step up to the toilet for a person who is just that little too short like me
• a seat in a place you were forced to camp and you happened to be a pixie
• a Brazil nutcracker
• a book end
• a muscle toner for people who lift things to get muscles
• a weapon to kill people
• a conversation piece for your dining table
• a marble container
• a ‘squash bread up’ so it returns to looking like dough, tool
• a slug home
• the centre piece for a lesson on cuboids
• a weight to make and empty designer bag look like it’s doing something other than just being designer
• a lawn flattener
• a back scratcher
• something that you put in the way of someone carrying 7 cups of tea to make them look a little clumsy
• a balance for a person who has one leg 10 cm longer than the other
• for use in the toss the brick contest in the village fete
• a book mark for people with no subtlety
• a rounders post
• to represent a whole shopping complex on monopoly
• to keep a cinema seat down when you go to the toilet
• to momentarily make kids grateful for the 21st century by using it as an example of all there was to play with back in the good old days
• an artificial limb for anyone who’s been petrified
• a door stopper
• a tin opener for those not fussy about eating off the floor
• a washing – up sponge mangle
• a dual action windscreen de-icer/spare key
• a confident swimmer’s throw and retrieve tool
• a chock
• a small doll’s house roof mould
• for making the sound effect of a brick hitting the ground in a play about two families that lob bricks at each other
• a gimmick for an anger management course – get people to shout at it until they feel foolish and then laugh
• to demonstrate teamwork; one brick can’t do anything – many can make a house
• an ugly paper weight
• for quick popping of bubble wrap
• a hat for an attention seeker
• a question in a volume calculation lesson


  1. Knock you over the head with it so you stop writing silly entries about bricks!!! Ha ha. Love Mrs. Sensible xxx

  2. very good

    An object of beauty - and expense - at the Tate, as I recall.


    PS I left a comment about your excellent post on your father's death but it seems not to have appeared. Never mind - but a very good post.

  3. Heat it up in the oven, remove, wrap it in a towel and place it in your bed (instead of hot water bottle)
    following the silly line: hollow it out fill with straw and use as a pillow !

  4. I love the dual action windscreen wiper, spare key :) Made me giggle. I couldn't possibly compete with your wonderful list :)

  5. Love it!
    Nearly wrote a poem abour bricks then with chicks, sticks, mix, tricks, licks, but that would have been a silly step too far and I don't want to risk brain-brick damage from James.


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