Friday, 11 December 2009

Christmas card construction

I tend not to buy Christmas cards. I make them. But not every year. So some years people don't get a Christmas card from me but it doesn't appear to damage them beyond repair. In fact, I suspect they don't even notice. This card exchanging is pleasant enough but slightly potty behaviour in my book (especially with people you see every week). It's sort of, here have this bit of card with your name and my name on it and some sort of minimal season's wishes that are so much the more validated for being on a piece of card in an envelope, with a pretty picture. Trees lose their life for that.

However, having said all that, I am not adverse to potty behaviour so this year IS a card making one. Yipee I hear everyone cry!

I'm not overly systematic in my approach to anything, so making things rarely follows a linear staged production procedure. It nearly did this year though.

Stage 1. Cut some cards out and pile them up messily. Sooooo the boring bit.

Stage 2 Cut a potato into the shape of son's favourite creature: a penguin and print a few trial runs.

Stage 3 Seek approval from the family to see if the design suits everyone.

Stage 4 Start mass printing. This comes a close second in the boringness list after the card cutting.

Stage 5 Be unable to resist trying out a few designs - so start playing around before the mass potato printing is complete.

Stage 6 Aim to finish everything. Get a bit bored, wander off. Wander back a few days later. Eventually be happy with the end result and the fact mass production is over!

Stage 7 Send them out randomly to some people but forget a few people because you are somewhat scatty and have lost interest a bit.


  1. Bah humbug...before anyone else says it.

  2. They look great!

    I have so gone off Christmas cards for all the reasons you mention. I am only sending a few this year just to get the silly little Xmas card concept (oh, aren't we funny and clever) me and Jim wanted to do out of our systems, send them to a handful of people who might appreciate it (you?)and never do Xmas cards again. Bah humbug anyway!!! xxxx

  3. Hi Molly Potter: I have a friend named Molly Potter so now there's 2 of you. (she's in her 80's) I send lots of xmas cards every year. I only like the thought of it. The chore itself drives me to distraction and costs me a fortune because most of my cards go to people in England.
    I like your penguin cards.
    Nice to meet you.

  4. What is maith?

    I want to be called Clippy Mat from now on.


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