Thursday, 3 December 2009

Dots and lines and not dots and not lines

I was once asked by a friend what a line could be and what it could not be and what a dot could be and what it could not be. Have you got a friend like that?

Well...of course I had some answers, but they are not based on hard evidence, pure speculation....

what could a line be?
a pole
a representation of me at the start of a sentence
a serious toppling threat
a bold statement
an ironed and PVAed worm
a useless umbrella
domino sideways
an edge of nothing
where you post a coin
a perfect pillar
something to wonder about
a weapon in Cluedo
a disorientated subtraction line
A headless i
the slit to another universe -our kind can never fit through but the invisible flat bodied Jeegen from Zarrgt 256 come through from the other side all the time
Conceptual art - everything and nothing

what could a line not be?
a logical representation of fat
a symbol of many
as effective when 3 D
100% nature derived
a knot

what could a dot be?
an ant's football
waiting to be punctuation
married to a line (shock horror!!! !! !)
hole punched paper
a bin lid from the roof
the natural marking of a dottard
a drafts piece
focal point
the place where the tiny fargit from Harg 334 creep in to stare at us and take notes
a collection of ink molecules
pirate's patch
the best representation of imperfection
something to show the end of a sentence

what could a dot not be?
a thorn
a representation of anger
the sun
squashed to make a hamburger
a wound
end of the tunnel (hopefully)



  1. You've obviously never been to Venus! xxx

  2. A ha...that's where you are wrong....


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