Sunday, 13 December 2009

I decorate my street for Christmas

For a few years now, I have crept out after dark on Christmas Eve to decorate my street's sixty or so small front gardens. I know it probably gives me more pleasure than anyone as I love the slight mischievousness of it all (trespassing and not getting caught) and find pleasure in waking up on Christmas morning and looking at my 'impact' in full light. It makes Christmas Eve feel pretty Christmassy -especially after a couple of sherries!!! I also love watching people wander down the street on Christmas day, pointing and smiling - usually with some degree of apparent disbelief!

Last year, everybody got a 'Merry Christmas wish tied up in their front garden. This year, I am going for even more impact and have several colourful decorations, glittery Christmas wishes and baubles. I will try and get a photo that does it justice on Christmas morning!

I have received a smattering of feedback - all positive. The best response was received via my husband. He was accosted on the school run by a woman shouting, 'Oi are you responsible for the little signs?' He genuinely believed he was about to get told off but she went on to say, 'they are wonderful and they make me feel great to be living in such a happy street.'

Well, having upped the stakes this year - here's hoping I don't get arrested for littering or sectioned.


  1. Come decorate my street! You will definitely get arrested and sectioned and possibly burnt at the stake but I will love it!(the decorations not the burning bit). Love ya xxx

  2. Nice idea. Wish I'd thought of it.


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