Thursday, 10 December 2009

I only gone and gotten tagged innit

What an honour: Grumpy Old Ken
tagged me and as far as I have worked out, it means I list eight facts about myself that blog readers are unlikely to know (not try to virtually tag him back and run away) and then I list seven more people to tag....I suspect we will use up the blogging population pretty quickly.

So here goes, eight of my finest insignificant facts.............

1) I got sent to the headteacher of Meath Green Middle School, Surrey (as it was then) in about 1979 for using a violin as a cricket bat.

2) I used to work in the Adam and Eve (the oldest pub in Norwich) when I was a student and once stuck my finger up a customer’s nose because he was being so nasty and demanding that I serve him even though I had called 'time'. He lifted himself off my finger and went to tell his mates what had happened (in a somewhat frenzied manner) while pointing at me but his friends did not believe him. When I told the landlord, Colin, (I felt the need to come clean) he said, "I trust you Mols to do whatever you see fit to do your job properly."

3) When I was about six, I locked a boy called Stacey in our garden shed for hours with a bowl of water and a bit of bread because he was my prisoner and then forgot about him. My sister found him when she went to get her bike for Brownies.

4) I am responsible for the death of three hamsters – one I accidentally squeezed to death, one was dropped in my brother’s nappy bleach and one I squashed behind a drawer.

5) I decorated a church hall for my sister’s wedding with tie dye sheets and papier mache. She liked it. I think.

6) I have given three wedding speeches – one where I truly accidentally said the bride had elephantitus.

7) My sister, brother, brother-in-law and I spent an evening at the Cambridge Folk Festival pretending to be Russian so convincingly (our fake Russian was good and my brother-in-law played a Serbo-Croat tune on his accordion and we all knew the chorus enough to sing along) the people we encountered were saying things like, ‘bring back the cold war!’ and thought we could not understand.

8) I went to visit a friend called 'Ratters' in Poitiers without knowing her address. I drove there with a friend (called 'Ugly') and we just found her walking along the road!

9) When I went interailing, I met three lads in Lucerne, Switzerland, the same three lads again in Pisa (we were only there an hour) two weeks later and again in Nice a week later. One of the lads came into the Adam and Eve three years after that (said he was in Norwich for an hour - picking up his girlfriend) and said, 'this is a funny question, but have you ever been interailing....'

10) I was a raindrop in a school Christmas play - best role I ever had.

11) I have been to a hairdressers only five times in my life. It kinda shows.

12) I always get carried away with enthusiasm....and bash the rules.

The seven people I choose to tag are (and feel free to ignore your tag -I won't be offended):

Eastern Stray Notes


  1. And 13. You are responsible for the death of numerous rabbits. 14. You got caned for stealing peanut butter sandwiches at Meath Green too. I could go on... and on... and on... xxx

  2. Mark Simmond's peanut butter sandwiches - AFTER lunch - he didn't even want of the great misjustices of 1976.

  3. Stealing is stealing. That's what Mr. Chouler would say.

  4. I paid my due and it's all behind me now.

    Why haven't YOU got a blog yet?

  5. Absolutely brilliant. What would a psychologist make of all that. Comments interesting too!

  6. I have actually been secretly blogging for 25 years xxx


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