Thursday, 31 December 2009

New year's resolutons

Well the date was begging for it wasn't it...

1) I will stop nicking.
2) I will start to accept my pyramania is an illness.
3) I will never, ever push anyone over again.
4) I will stop counting chocolate orange as one of my five a day.
5) I will leave irreverence to others - especially at funerals.
6) Only one joy ride per month and I will return the car afterwards.
7) I will understand that the C word is not appropriate in every situation - not even for overdue library books.
8) I will offer my bogeys to others before eating them.
9) I will stop justifying trashy TV and suduko by saying they are meditative.
10) I will no longer get annoyed and squirm inside when people use the term, 'let's not go there' because there are a few worse sins in the world, like murder.

Oh what a better person I would become.

No that was just me being silly.

I have never made a new year's resolution. If a change of habit is needed I like to think I could master it any time of year. However, truth is consistency is not overly my thing and there are probably several things I could do with 'adjusting.' Hey ho.


  1. So come on, spill the beans - what could you do with "adjusting"?

    I don't make NYRs - I make goals! xxx

  2. So glad you're joking..those would truly be hard to keep..only ONE joyride per

    thanks for the visit to my blog!


  3. I'd adjust my bicycle's brakes, the colour of my living room and Andy's nose. Still deciding what skill to develop. Andy says car mechanics would not suit me. I reminded him that I am pretty dextrous and good at spacial awareness but he said that what's missing is patience. Oh. he might have a point. Considering going back to the Potter's wheel...I used to love that. Perhaps really goos cookery?

    Nice to meet you Breeze...If I was named after air movement, I'd be a waft.


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