Saturday, 12 December 2009


I have been a tad poorly with a snotty little virus in the last couple of days which made me think, 'can I write a blog about being ill?' This lead on to the question, 'could I write a blog about just about anything?' The answer? Probably because there's not much I can't waffle on speculatively about (not necessarily knowledgeably!). It's not a boast. It's a realisation that I probably need to reflect more and pump out less!!

However I do have an observation about people and illness - see I can't help myself. I think that people's different (and they are diverse) responses to being ill is very much linked to their parents'/carers' reaction to illness. Whether a person duplicates their parents' approach or has reacted against it, it's a raw display of their unconscious in action (as after all, we are potentially ill from babyhood - so we are talking about very deep-rooted wiring). I know this is obvious, but I have never heard anyone reflect upon it.

Some people seem to:
martyr on - noisily - making many utterances about their symptoms but carrying on through the illness. Do they perceive they are not allowed to recoup for illness should not prevent anything...stiff upper lip and all that? Or do they need to be rescued?
don't think people believe they are ill - and have to spell out the symptoms in detail
over indulge their illnesses - take to their bed instantly without any thought - even for a little sniffle
ignore their illness - refuse to address it or acknowledge it exists (a bit like martyrdom but much, much more quiet)
have a healthy relationship with being ill - just take time to recoup , get better and move on.

I am sure there are other responses.

I fall into the 'nobody will believe me.' I was once sent to school with a temperature of 104 degrees. The school nurse's validation was what it took for me to be allowed to eventually crawl into bed!

And you?


  1. I don't believe you are ill. Can you list your symptoms please.

    Jim does ignore illness (very untypically male) and refuses all care! I think I have a healthy relationship with illness (but I have had a lot of weird illnesses which could make people think I cause a fuss so difficult to get a perspective!!)and am very willing to accept care! Even when I'm not ill actually.

  2. i am a martyr. i have been snotty all week too but have soldiered on because truth be told if i was to go down then the whole ship would probably sink! wouldn't it?

  3. Still poorly,
    snotty nose, slight temeperature, swollen neck glands, sore throat, tiredness, head ache, don't like moving much, muddy green eyes, pea and ham soup tasted nice to me but horrible to everyone else, jumper on inside out, haven't grown in years, social misfit, still cannot cast spells...gee I must be ill...please believe me.

  4. Yes we need martyrs!!!!! I love martyrs. Soldier on for the sake of others. Too many ships have sunk already.

    Then I can rest.

  5. Methinks thou dost protest too much. Not believable.

    Get well soon titch. xxx


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