Tuesday, 5 January 2010


In some meetings I need to doodle to preserve my sanity. In other meetings, I never doodle. I think it depends on how involved I am, or not and how much 'mental doodling' is actually happening in the meeting. Mental doodling appears to be an inevitable and necessary part of any meeting.

Most doodles are just a random mess like these....

Then some have a recognisable form such as these:

But may favourite shows how a meeting started pleasantly.....

but then I turned the page and this shows the 'flavour' at the end of the meeting!


  1. Do you think it might be time to buy yourself a ruler? xxx

  2. 25th of February looks like a classic 'outsider art' work, that must have been one hell of a meeting!

  3. Nice work. The aural equivalent, of course, is noodling. You can't really get away with it on a wind instrument but there are some guitarists out there who have no shame.

  4. You should keep all doodles - much ore interesting than minutes.

    Just had a two hour session discussing work style profiles with psychologist today - sort of extended Myers Briggs - you would have liked it I think. Evidently I have a very unusual and interesting profile - very strategic / creative AND very task/ output oriented.

    Ho hum - always said I was genius in hiding! Nobody believes me though.

  5. I'm a compulsive doodler but that's exactly what mine are - doodles. Yours are so artistic! :)

  6. Claire - I have a long and fraught relationship with rulers. The teacher of 'grumpy old cow' fame used to get my class after me and every year complained that I hadn't taught the class to underline properly!!! I will persist though and start by seeing if I can find one.

    Sandra - I really hadn't noticed the contrast in the two doodles until a while after the meeting. Yes - I recall someone stormed out at one point!!!!

    Heronster V - I hope that's not 'very interesting' said while rubbing your chin, pursing your lips and donning a psychiatrist's hat....!

    Jonathan - yep the noodling round here gets a bit much...pah - guitarists hey more notes than sense.

    Mark - yes I should submit my doodles to help with minutes being written up! Yes that session sounds right up my 'Fascination with people and how they tick' Street. Of course you are a genius...be bold, be proud, be out!

    Akelamalu - why thank you....'messy art' is my niche...I just can't do anal.

    Now, everyone, try and answer my kwestshons.


  7. Lurvely! If only meetings at my work were always this productive...


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