Saturday, 16 January 2010

The E Party

We have some great socialite friends that often throw great parties and gatherings. In recent years they have thrown parties of a 'letter' theme. The very first party I attended was an F party and I was part of the hired help: our band played. I claimed I had come as a frump, which of course needed very little planning. I did also tie huge papier mache flowers to the microphone stands, so I had made a little effort.

To their D party the following year, I went as a decoy (or distraction) - simply stuck a sign that said 'they went that way' to my front and my fella spent all day turning himself into a domino to arrive, arms stuck out at right angles from his side, to discover he was one of a set that provided a joke about lining up and toppling them over all evening.

This time the invite has declared it is an E party. I am assuming it is not a reference to mind altering pills or I am putting unnecessary effort in.

The first port of call is a brainstorm, followed by the dictionary, then an encyclopedia as it includes some famous people and events and then you need to consider fictional characters. Makes me sound almost methodical.

My thinking has included:

• Extravert – no preparation needed
• An egg - wouldn't have been very practical to party as
• Exaggeration – either go with an exaggeration written on my front or attend with large ears, a large nose and large feet.
• Etc…stick lists of things all over me e.g. a banana, an apple, an orange…
• Emily from work. I'd have to be taller, pregnant and elegant and no one would recognise me, but then again, nobody at the party knows it was, quite frankly, a ridiculous idea.
• Edward de Bono – make six coloured hats and stick them on my head
•Exception - go dressed as a fish'll just have to wait for my post tomorrow. But in the meantime, guesses and late suggestions are welcome.


  1. You should wear 6 hats, all with difficult constipated expressions :)

  2. Enchanting ...and go as a fairy?

  3. Forget the last one, how about Edible and go smeared in chocolate?

  4. Sandra! I'm shocked! I'm sure Molly is a very sobre party-goer and would never consider such a suggestion. This jury service lark is obviously exposing you to some dangerous ideas.

  5. For me it's Elvis or Einstein or Eve, although I suspect Eve would suit dr geoff more...

  6. Excellent exercise! Enny excuse, even elligal, entertains exclusive evenings. Eventually, ennui ensues, ending everything.

  7. Have you heard of "Eunoia"? It's a book by Christian Bok in which each chapter only uses one vowel. I have attached a link to chapter E. You could go and only speak using words which only contain Es! (Ambitious but fun I think!) You could go as Helen from Greece and drink Beer! Clever yet senseless she preens herself! Her sewn vestments reflect her resplendence, she needs refreshments! Fetch her them hence! Her lewdness renders even these lechers speechless! Men see her elven slenderness, then pledge themselves her serfs.
    Etc.... :o)

  8. An 'E'lement party! Ohhh, someone could go as Au (gold), and O xygen, C arbon? Do you remember that movie 'The Fifth Element'?
    I don't either, who wanted to see a movie about B oron?

  9. Codgi - on my head holding their poo in? Or have I misinterpreted that? Explain yourself sir!

    Sandra - even dressed as a fairy people are unlikely to find me enchanting. The edible idea I could go with but might have to limit it to a hand...people will be drinking your know.

    Jonathan - yes...clearly she re-frame.

    Nick - well I will see in an hour and a half or so...Dr Bob's cooking Salmon and rabbit and something else I have forgotten. Eve only ate apples - why limit yourself. Better start getting ready soon!

    Codgi & Nikki - ever seen the puzzle paragraph where you have to guess what is odd about it (good puzzle for kids Nikki I'll see if I can dig it out) it has no es in it.

    Eric - I'm still fine tuning your genre...I'd go as Nitrogen...common as muck

    Off to get ready

  10. Hi, Molly, they were, if I remember rightly, "6 thinking hats" by Edward de Bono, so I figure that if the hats are thinking hard, they have got to have very thoughtful expressions...

  11. I want to come. I WANT TO COME! Do you hear me? I-WANT-TO-COME!!!!!

  12. You could have done yourself up in clothes that did not match at all and weird glasses, hat, shoes and said you were being ECCENTRIC.

    Waiting to find out what you got done up in...

  13. Hi Codgi - Oh! When I am thinking my expression is more dumb looking than constipated.

    Claire - where were you? you think it was something you ate or the pint of cava?

    FF - No that would have been me going as myself so I wouldn't have pulled it off as myself begins with M


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