Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Questions! Kwestshons!

Last year before Christmas I got the team I work in to answer a questionnaire about themselves. I then turned their answers into a quiz (sort of who said what..who chose...match the ? with the ?...etc...)to entertain us over lunch!!!! I’m not suggesting I do that with Blogsville but here are a few of the optional questions I asked -with my answers.

I was wondering if anyone would give me their answers in the comment box.

Pretty please. Please, please, beg, please.....

You've seen some of my dodgy inner workings. Now it's my turn to be nosey. Even if you choose just one question to answer I'd love it. You might even like to answer a question I have not asked. I am even considering not blogging tomorrow to see how many answers I can get from you.............

1) What is your idea of a good night out?
Witty banter or interesting/thought provoking conversation in a pub with beer...some live music is a bonus

2) If you could receive any gift tomorrow, what would it be?
Well, I don’t really want much but if a gift was forced upon me I might choose one of the following:
 A personal massager/Michelin star chef
 A very large, warm, eco-friendly room for just me and my projects
 A garden where I can see the sun set (obscured only by the gazelle wandering across the Serengeti – that bit’s a joke)
 world peace of course but as we are being hypothetical, I didn't want just to cliché.

3) What five things could you never do without?
My family, My sense of humour, My bike, My creativity, My interest/enthusiasm

4) The thing I like least about the country I live in is
Its irresponsible media

5) The thing I like most about the country I live in is
The quirkiness you can readily find in its people - particularly with respect to humour.

5) What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Hanging out with my kids and chap, playing fiddle, writing, art and craft, socialising, walks in the countryside, meals out, exploring silly ideas, reading, laughing, 'pooting

6) What do you consider to be most undesirable in a person?
Closed mindedness (although I can forgive them - they don't know what they don't know - they cannot help it!)

7) What chores do you least like doing?
Getting near as can to 'presentable for the real world' on work mornings. It's when the material world seems to really gang up on me.

8) If you could own your own shop, what would it sell?

9) As a child at school what were you good at
Science - eventually

and what were you not so good at?
Sitting still

10) If I could guarantee you success, how would you choose to earn a living?
Providing wellbeing/training days for teams of people.
A best selling book!


  1. 1. My idea of a good night out is people I really like, real ale, cosy pub, anything goes conversation, laughing till your belly hurts, and maybe meeting a stranger or two...

    2. My gift for tomorrow is olive-green and-made crocheted shoes from Uruguay. All ready for summer adventures.

    3. Five things I can't do without are my children, my computer, inspiration, travels and tea brought to me in bed in the mornings without which I cannot move.

    4. The thing I like least about the UK is it's general stupidness (government, tabloid culture...).

    5. The thing I like most about the UK is it's quirkiness and ability to be alternative (in pockets).

    6. In my spare time I like writing, art, travelling, talking and dancing (which usually only happens at weddings these days and makes people say things like "Who is that old woman disco-dancing?").

    7. I think the most undesirable thing in a person is conforming for conformities sake instead of doing what they really really want.

    8. I least like doing all chores that are housework, especially cause they make no permanent difference and you just have to keep doing them. That's why there's a mould farm between my worktop and fridge.

    9. My shop would sell beautiful inspirational hand-made arty things and second-hand books and tea in colourful mugs and have a big squashy sofa.

    10. At school I was exceptional at neat handwriting and had it displayed in the local library. I have deliberately messed up my handwriting as an adult to be cool, man. I was rubbish at science and sport though I loved hockey. Used to pretend I was at Malory Towers girl while playing.

  2. 1. Night in the pub with friends - music and dancing a preferred option.
    2. Guaranteed Good Health.
    3. My husband, my sons, my grandchildren, my Father,my brothers. ( I cheated there I could have just said my family couldn't I?)
    4. The Government.
    5. The stoic people.
    6. Blogging, reading, shopping, gardening.
    7. I never clean the car, MWM has to do it.
    8. Clothes - I love 'em!
    9. Good at the 3 Rs - Reading, writing and arithmetic. Not so good at Geography - I still can't read a map!
    10. Dancing.

  3. 1) Beer, music, mates in no particular order.

    2) A betterer camera (Canon 5D mk2 would hit the spot if anyone fancies gifting me one), bit materialistic, and expensive, but I'd get a lot of use out of it for probably ten years I'm thinking. Failing that I'd quite like a 1:48 scale Lancaster bomber, which is my son's fault, he's got me interested in glue and model planes again. Failing that, I'd like to go fishing when it's a bit less parky. At least they're all active presents...

    3) The missus and younglings (except the one that's left home - I'm still learning to deal with that having dropped her off at the station to go back to Sheffield today), Some Golden Virginia, A camera of some sort, An MP3 player, My macbook.

    4) The media, rolling news, Americanisation of culture, The cult of celebridee, stupid narrow minded unthinking bigotry.

    5) I'm with Claire on the Alt thing (particularly in music), also the battling spirit we seem to have in the face of adversity, Our ability to assimilate the good bits of other cultures foods and make them all the nicer for it. The landscape.

    5a) (that threw me for a minute) Allsorts, Photography, Banjo, painting tiny plastic people with a tiny brush with my son, arsing about with my teenage daughters, being darkly humourous or not as the day dictates. Lying in a dark room with a cold flannel over my face. Oh and beer, I like that social drinking and talking nonsense thing a lot.

    6) I'm not a big fan of "Normosis" (a word donated to me by my cleverer than her dad daughter), People who have become a sum of their possessions, where their personality is what they own, rather than what they do, dead boring to talk to, unless you want to know about their car/kitchen units/clothes, which generally I don't.

    7) The duvet cover on the duvet thing, bleurggh, surely there is a machine that can do it for me.

    8) Probably Photographs, or maybe homemade jam and vegetables. Quite fancy a deli actually.

    9) Good at Art and Geography. I loved English, but was a bit Rubbish, have maintained an interest in all three and added History which I was a bit crap at, but I think it may have been the lists of dates we were taught that caused the rubbishness, combining the love of Human geography with history suddenly made it interesting again I'm now obsessed by landscape archeology, medieval village desertions in particular, it's a subject that marries the two.

    I was Rubbish at Physics, French and Latin, I managed to fluke the Physics somehow, but they let me drop the other two without much of an arguement. I also hated PE almost pathologically, which was not very odd as our dwarfen PE psychotic didn't like me either, I was tall and fat, and therefore must have been an enemy of his on sight as I puffed my way through five years of hell.

    10) I would make jam or beer or cheeses or sausages, or all four and sell them, Whatever it was it certainly wouldn't involve sitting at a computer all day doing graphic design avoidance like I do at the moment.

  4. Five things I can't do without - Daniel, Mike, Dylan, Jane and of course Lilly (our tortoise)

    Five more things more can't do without - Jam, bikes, mountains, the sea, my computer

  5. Hey Nick, I reckon we could have quite a good night down the pub. I LOVE dark humour and we could talk about how your mini painted men might fit into my mini rooms that I've recently been making! ooh, am I blog-flirting!

  6. 1. Sitting outside of MacCarthy's Bar in Castletownbeara on a summers evening with friends and my lover!
    2. An Ocean going motor yacht & the wherewithal to run it ;-)
    3.Sense of humor, creativity, eyesight, family and friends.
    4. The Irish rain.
    5. The hearts of the people.
    5. Spare time enjoyment: Answering Molly's blog :-)
    6. The most undesirable characteristic in any person is Bigotry
    7. Washing up & cleaning the car
    8. Everything Alternative
    9. Playing truant, Art, English, Geography & Maths
    9a, Woodwork, Sports, Music, being a Prefect (lasted 2 days)
    10. Rich enough not to have to work.

    Molly was that an error putting in two number 5's ? :-)

  7. 1) Good conversation and lots of laughs
    2) I would like a better laptop as I am stuck with a school cast-off that barely works!
    3) Family, books, notepads&pens, t'internet, tea&coffee
    4) Thuggish people behaving rudely and aggressively all over the place.
    5) I like the sense of humour, the countryside and coastline, and the indie music
    5) Reading books & blogs, writing, playing board games with family, watching my select TV choices (thank you Sky +), listening to comedy podcasts, going for coffees
    6) Aggression and argumentativeness, I really can't handle it at all!
    7) I'm awful at doing chores of any sort! Particularly washing up and cleaning as I am allergic to most cleaning products (No one ever believes me!)
    8) Books and coffee, and it would have lots of lovely squidgy sofas and nooks and crannies everywhere!
    9) I was good at reading, writing and maths, and had quite a flair for music and languages. I wasn't good at PE, making friends, geography or science!
    10) I would be a writer.

  8. A night in a small bar, a good mix of friends, intelligent banter and laughter. Dancing and singing are a plus!

    I'm sorry -- I know there were more questions, but now what was that about going out for drinks and dancing?


  9. 1) A good meal, good friends, good conversation. And if there's a good live band, so much the better.
    2) A new friend
    3) Food, air, shelter, friends, space
    4) (France) The nanny state culture
    5) (France) The work/life balane ingrained in attitudes
    6) Intolerance
    7) Ironing
    8) Music
    9) Good at most academic stuff / Not good at sports
    10) Travel blogging

  10. Hey that's cheating, you've got two questin 5s!!!!

    In my spare time I like: Walking, playing my flute, reading, listening to music, gardening.

    You could argue that gardening is at least partly my job, since keeping the gîte nice is part of the business of running it. That's not how I see it though.

  11. Thank you thank you thank you thank you...for doing as gently requested. I really enjoyed reading your answers and feel like we should all meet up down a cosy real ale pub for some friendly, witty, intelligent, dark, thought-provoking, humourous banter and conversations, with music, dancing and a bit of singing of course after a good meal on a summer's evening in Castletownbeara with our lovers to discuss how we are going to make a good living from dancing, writing, jam and sausage making and such (enough so Heron doesn't have to work ever) and I can drink enough beer so you can teach me how to count without e feeling patronised. OK? Shall we make a date?

  12. P.S Listing the members of your family and a tortoise as things you cannot do without is cheating even in my expandable and fluid 'not really rules' book.

  13. ok, i have limited time this morning, so i'll do these in the order of "easy first" and see how far i get:

    lovely husband jeff
    our long-suffering chiropractor
    some means of creatively making SOMETHING (from art supplies to legos to magazines i can tear up and paste together)
    something to read
    and...welllll...ok, CHAPSTICK!
    (seriously, i am a genuine ADDICT!)

    #2: materially, the downpayment for a house. nothing fancy, but enough that we could live comfortably paying a mortgage rather than rent. if we're counting intangibles: i'd like my back problems to just disappear and to see what it's like when everything in life doesn't revolve around which bits move in an acceptable level of pain on any given day.

    #7: cooking!!! i will clean, i will shop, i will balance the checkbook, i will do laundry, i will be in charge of in-law relations & coordination...but pleeeeeeeeeeease don't make me touch raw chicken, ok?!

    #6: a tie between intolerance (tho as you say, it's often just ignorance in disguise) and dishonesty. actually, as i write this, i realize it's NOT a tie...dishonesty is FAR worse in terms of having a relationship with someone.

    #4 & #5: are flip-sides of the same thing. i dislike the way america runs around the world like a big bossy schoolgirl who thinks she needs to stick her nose into EVERYONE's business and tell them where they're getting it wrong. having said that, i do believe that most of the time it is motivated by a genuine feeling of wanting to be helpful and make things "better" (of course using only OUR very limited/arrogant idea of what that'd be).

    but hey, comparatively, we're sort of a "teenage country" really; we have boundless energy & a limited attention span; we're self-absorbed but well intentioned; supremely confident...whether or not we can back it up; and a bit naive.

    we'll grow out of it...eventually...dontcha think??

  14. great answers Lauren thank you...I love the idea of the USA being a teenager.....

    I have been telling people your chapstick story ...such that I feel like I have been preaching about how lovely men can be!!! A new religion?

  15. 1. Friends, laughs, margaritas
    2.Best gifts? Acknowlegement, understanding, support, compassion from true friends.
    3....Sorry no more time but what a great bunch of party animals you've organized here, Molly! And every one of us sound like remarkable human beings! Cheers to you. By the way: Are you related to Harry P.? (Just had to ask. You probably get that all the time.)


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