Friday, 8 January 2010

Thought Sorter

Less than two years ago I made a Thought Sorter for someone called Papa Bear and he still has it. I was a novice inventor then.

It worked by turning a handle and lots of sparkly bits moving. It has instructions with it that basically explain that it will sort good and bad thoughts. It has served him well (although for his part he has had it serviced regularly). It lives in Southwold, Suffolk. That might be too far for some of you to go to get your thoughts sifted. So imagine my delight when I learnt that they are making and selling them online in Thinikityville (I really should have had mine patented). This is what it looks like. (You might like to click on it for further inspection before purchasing).

Of course it does actually do much more than the one I made did. I concede it is a superior product. DIY is fine but those commercial organisations can always top us amateurs.

The advert says....

This thought sorter will....
1) Deliver a little ding when the daydream has gone that bit too far.
2) Stop psychotic when she said that did she mean and do you think she would have thought I meant by that and.....
3) Limit bonkers creative free-thinking and balance it with down to each practical thoughts like 'shoes are good for outdoors.'
4) Find that name, word, place that you really need that has slipped out of the grasp of your short term memory.
5) Help with social tourettes i.e. which comments to keep inside and which are allowed out.
6) Rub out all thoughts for meditation.
7) In cases where thoughts disagree with each other e.g. chocolate is good, chocolate, is bad - sort them so only the correct one exists. i.e. Chocolate is good.
8) Have an off switch for bedtime.

(Also comes with basic mode attachment which just sorts good thoughts and bad thoughts - for those of you a little shy of full meddling.)

Absolutely perfect for me....I'm going to bulk buy.


  1. Hey, get one, and then I can have a prim, neatly turned out, little secretary type person for a sister! So JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ!

    By the way, that thought sorter you made was a work of brilliance! xxx

  2. Please send me 1 dozen bottles or packets of whatever it is that you are ingesting :-)

  3. I think it would take more than a sort thorter...

    OK Heron....cup of tea in the post

    Akelamalu - Place your order

    Where have all the grown ups gone today?

  4. I think it was just really hard to comment on that one! I struggled!

  5. Sales have not gone as projected....

  6. what a wonderful mind you have molly. i think i may have to a take a trip to suffolk for a thought sorting soon, theres far too much buzzing around in this brain lately.


  7. Hello Oceana...why thank you....If you are THE Oceana, then I happen to know your mind is pretty wonderful too.


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