Wednesday, 10 February 2010

....and then the Qualities Shop

I know, I know.

You all like different types of posts (except none of you appear to like made up stories about aliens - why is that? Where is my anorak following?). And I like writing different types of posts.

So some days' posts YOU - yes YOU - will like more than others. (Did that have the effect of making you think I was talking to YOU only? I was.) But that's fine yes? I could have had a theme or one style of post but being the expansively wired (open-ended not convergent), chaotic person that I am, I know I would have become bored. Isn't it actually bloody great that we are all so diverse, that we:

•hold different opinions,
•approach things from different angles,
•have different values,
•have had different experiences,
•see things differently,
•behave differently,
•rate things differently
•can 'receive' the same experience differently
•are 'wired up' differently
•enjoy different things (even golf)
•have different talents and skills
•do things differently
•have different levels of 'persuadability'
•have considered different issues to a greater or lesser degree than others
•have different moral codes
•are interested in different things
•wear different cardigans if we wear them
•have different amounts of belly button fluff

I find the differences in people endlessly fascinating and a source of a lifetime of learning as I uncover more and more diversity. This has included many situations, outlooks, thoughts, ways of being etc where I have assumed everyone was the same as me and they have turned out not to be. I have lots of little revelations from my somewhat simple stance.

Perhaps we are encouraged (by parents' comparisons? by assessment at school? by the value in acquisition? by the way the world is?) to compare ourselves with others and automatically and continuously rate ourselves as 'better' or 'worse' than others instead of getting on and celebrating diversity. (I think I might do this sometimes and it might not always be that consciously). Assessing ourselves as 'better' or 'worse' (as opposed to just different) is a route to contempt towards others - is it not? I believe interest in and understanding towards difference leads to tolerance of diversity.
Which brings me to the actual post. And that was just a pre-amble to STOP YOU COPYING!
If you were running a qualities shop, I would like to know which five of these qualities you would price up the most expensively and which three would be in the bargain bucket. (Click on it to enlarge.)

Go on. Pretty please.


  1. We already did this miss! You need to do more lesson planning instead of going to the pub.

    Jim told me last night that there are only 50 tigers left in China. I dared to say, but yes, really, what is all the fuss about endangered species?!!!!! (I was in an antagonistic mood because I was in the middle of making one million tiger masks for chinese new year!). He said that apart from that it was wrong for man to be killing off other species, having lots of different species made the world more diverse, interesting and richer. Same as what you said really.

  2. I think I passed on the 'aliens' because there were simply too many words to cope with. Not that I don't read - it is all about speedily rushing through a very active blogroll.

    That is why I'll be back later to look properly at these choices


  3. This works quite well as a "Gravestone" picture, what would you have written on your gravestone? I just found this one which has nothing to do with anything really but that's blogging and googling for you....

    Donald Robertson, born 4 January 1783. Died June 1842. Aged 63 years. He was a peaceable quiet man, and, to all appearance, a sincere Christian; his death was caused by the stupidity of Laurance Tulloch in Clothister who sold him nitre instead of Epsom Salts, by which he was killed in the space of 3 hours after taking a dose of it.

  4. "I would like to know which five of these qualities you would price up the most expensively and which three would be in the bargain bucket."

    But there is a puzzlement, as the King of Siam used to say. If I price one up the most expensively, that means it is a negatuve quality I do not want people to have, since it will be the most expensive. If I toss one in the bargain bucket, that means it would be the best, the most positive, because more people would be able to have it, surely a desirable quality.

    You have opened a Pandora's box of philosophical speculation -- but that too is desirable. :-)

  5. O Molly rejoice in the differences of folk. There is not one quality that is better than another, for each has it's own richness.

  6. Berowne's answer is greatness.

    Working from the assumption that there is a limited supply of traits to sell and you wanted to price the best traits more expensively (so maybe you could gift remaining inventory to family members, etc), I'd price these highest:
    Determined to do as best as can,
    Full of ideas,
    and Funny

  7. Claire - no we didn't.

    FF - I look forward to your choices

    Sandra - what - a mass produced gravestone with 'tick as applicable'

    Berowne - get you being smart and paradoxical. I know you know I meant value but you still get A+

    Heron's View - but most of us do value things differently - which is our wonderful diversity- which is great.

    Eric - A++ for being the only one to engage!!!! I am still choosing.

  8. Yes, we did! It just didn't have boxes - it was list. Very very very similar! At least I commented on the other bit! xxx

  9. Um, are the expensive ones meant to be the best and the cheap ones - not the worst but the one that most people should have as standard?

    Further info please

  10. Yes expensive ones the best...ignore those chaps being philosophical!

  11. I looked for the one about love (something like 'the ability to love and be loved') but it wasn't there! I would put that at the top of my list. Can we make up our own too????????

  12. p.s. I would put
    HAS a GOOD MEMORY in the bargain bin

    (I forgot to add this in post before...)

  13. I'm confused too, as Berowne...

    Yes a good gravestone picture, per Sandra: Here lies Mark, a tidy, confident man, full of ideas and hardworking. Good looking and always smartly dressed, he was generous to a fault, and not just with compliments .... etc :)

  14. Quality shop? I've just had an idea for a brand name for chocolate sweets :)

  15. Berowne's not confused...he's smart!

  16. and yes, I did read your complete profile and several times, like your blog, it made this weary old man smile.

  17. Five "best buys" items:

    Full of ideas

    Bargain bucket:
    Good looking
    Smart Dresser

    I'd also do a buy one get one free on:
    Organised (as it's overrated)

    And "buy 2 for £1.99 and get a free 'never being outraged' while stocks last" on does not get annoyed easily.

    Is being annoyed positive or negative, it's not something I want, but the words "Merchant banker" has made me really quite incredibly annoyed several times lately. and being annoyed made me email Ian Gibson, which resulted in change in part of a local service for the better... If the list had contained "not really caring about much" or "not getting involved" or "not really being bothered" I'd have taken them outside the shop and burnt them.

  18. Mr T - my absolutely favourite answer. A +++++up++positive++mostest+++yum+++

    Getting annoyed can be a positive thing as you point out. Having a really low tolerance threashold might make life a little harder for an individual...but they are probably the people out there making change happen! Open to debate. personal cost, societal gain - unless they are punching people - and not metaphorically.

  19. (rushes in eventually to put choices)

    Top qualities: in no particular order

    always ready to have a go
    determined to do things as best they can be done
    full of ideas

    bargain bucket

    good at drawing
    good looking

  20. ooh look Miss.
    look what just popped into my email inbox tonight.
    I know this comment isn't related to this post but it's late and I'm off to bed so I can't find the exact post it refers to.
    But what do you make of this then Miss Molly?
    nighty night

  21. Read it - liked it. Cleverly and entertainingly written.
    like I's to you, what you want it to be.
    It's bloody helped me!!!!

  22. Not even a qualification between them. eh? Mesdames Myers and Briggs were lucky - just like Gillian Poo McKeith.

  23. (having said that, those questions and test analyses were very interesting - I don' think I'll change though - although I did practice looking at a wonky drawer handle yesterday - and it is still wonky!)

  24. hahaha
    It was funny and well written wasn't it? whatever you think of it. I am just an owld cynical woman these days me.
    wonky drawer handles??

    Just kidding you Moll. and now I'm reading your post from today so I'm off to comment on that.

  25. Just in via an e mail

    Just read your blog and completed the expensive and bargin bucket, it's boring at work!

    Expensive - for me all the stuff I don't care whether people should have because they are over rated qualities so price them out of people's reach

    1. Tidy
    2. Good looking
    3. Good at drawing
    4. Smart dresser
    5. Good memory

    I picked these on the grounds of being an untidy, quirky looking, non artistic, bad dresser with no long term memory

    Bargin bucket - I want everyone to have loads of these qualities so make them affordable.
    1. Funny
    2. Gentle
    3. Polite

    Have a great weekend



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