Saturday, 13 February 2010


I'm not overly systematic when it comes to remembering birthdays and sending cards. I never have been. If you invite me to your party I will remember to bring a card, maybe a gift and a bottle of something but without the prompt of attendance somewhere, it's a bit hit and miss. That's not to say I don't love the people I forget to send birthday cards to. I have lots of love to give. Sometimes people reel from the overbearing nature of it.

My 'giving gestures' are a little random but when you get them, you usually know. Here are just a few examples:

Whether it's for a wedding, retirement or a birthday celebration, I love to make loads of badges. I print them, laminate them, cut them out and put pins (or cotton for posh wedding frocks) on the back. At some point during the celebration, I issue one to everyone present so that suddenly there is a sea of badges. Here are some examples.

Mr Payne retired from school and I made a badge for all the pupils in the school.

Papier Mache Models
I have made models of several couples. Sadly I rarely took photos of them. But here is one example of my sister and her husband.

Tea Towels
When I get a wedding list, I go to the shop where the list resides, shuffle around and feel very uninspired. I just cannot bring myself to buy plates or bins - however much the person might want them. So I leave the shop empty handed and do something else. I have made banners, made highly decorated wedding books and got everyone to sign it at the celebration etc but my favourite alternative was tea towels!!! I bought six good quality white tea towels from a posh shop. I (and I had some help from Andy Chap and my wonderfully vibrant friend Dayna) then fabric painted six different artists' versions of the happy couple to be. I remember Miro (easy), Van Gough, Kandinsky...and some others. But the favourite, that is still in a frame in this friend's house was Gustav Klimt - the kiss. I painted the couple into that picture. Sadly I have not got a photo of it - but I might try and remember to get one.

And then there are things I write...
Like REFERENCES (click on it to enlarge - should you want to read it)
I wrote this for my teacher friend of anal retention fame. He got the job.

This was for Andy Chap. It's pretty accurate. (click on it to enlarge - should you want to read it)


QUIZ FOR WHOLE SCHOOL - at retirement leaving do

Given to and completed by a couple of friends when they went to Spain.

I mostly make cards for people. I feel a bit of a failure if I have bought one. Proper grown ups get 'pretty' cards but I have done a fair few that could be described as bizarre - like the Andy Kirkham Activity centre card (based on a kiddies' toy), some strange things popping-up in cards, or story books of a person's life 'as I see it'. etc

In fact my computer is full of silly stories, wedding speeches, silly identity cards, baby book innards and other ridiculous things I have spent my time creating for others. So if I forget to send you a card, it's probably because it's someone else's turn to have a big gesture mustered up for them. Count your blessings.


  1. You should be a poet.

    I don't think the badges or the models capture mine and Jimmy's true beauty. Tricky I know.

    When I get locked out of my house I swear and scream and tantrum and shout obscenities at the staring people who go past on the bus.

  2. You know, sometimes the personal touch has much more meaning to the receiver. It's terribly easy to go into a shop and make a purchase which is a simple reflex, but to go the trouble and time of making something shows enormous thought...

  3. I would much rather have a poem or a letter of reference than a regular birthday card. (Keep that in mind come June 11 when my birthday comes around please.)

  4. I think it's great that we can make and send cards by e-mail. Really cuts down on the work.

  5. Wedding Lists AGGGGHHHH! I refused to play the game once and went to SinSin and bought a big pink book on ways to 'dress up' your sex life which was really funny until we got to the wedding near Aylsham and it found it was DEADLY SERIOUS happy clappy. Ouch.

  6. O Molly you clearly have some very winsome ways x

  7. Freddie - I am a poet. I just don’t write poems

    NWLG – hallo again. Yes – I like the personal touch. People have made me some lovely things too. The best was a model my sister made of me pregnant with Andy squeezing my feet! Sadly, it broke.

    Clipster – OK. June 11th on calendar (if I could fine one that is) xxxx

    Berowne – yes but you still have to remember when to. Have you got a system? I admire a good system.

    Sandra – yes i think of wedding lists as a bit antiquated and it does seem a little strange that couples that have set up home and have been living together for ages – still have lists with toasters and bins on! I’m sure the couple you wrote about survived...who knows, you might even have planted a saucy seed!

    Heronster – I have never used the word winsome. I will from now on. What a nice word. Thank you.


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