Friday, 19 February 2010

Pet hates

I found this activity in a book that tickled me!!! I was impressed with the list that had been composed. Quite often lists in resources are not as comprehensive as this one!

The activity is used to investigate our own viewpoints, prejudices, judgements and intolerances. I'm pretty sure we all have them.

I defy anyone not to find a single pet hate on this list! You don't have to share if you don't want! You could just say how many you counted so as to prevent offence!

1) Urban 4X4 drivers
2) Men in white socks
3) Balding men with comb overs
4) Limp handshakes
5) Rottweiler owners
6) Brits abroad
7) Tattoos
8) Fur coats
9) Welsh
10) Dirty fingernails
11) Gnome owners
12) NIMBYs (Not in my back yard)
13) English
14) Socks and Sandals
15) Fluffy dice in cars
16) Hippies
17) American tourists
18) Gum chewers
19) Smokers
20) Irish
21) 'Chavs'
22) White stilettos
23) Sun readers
24) Binge drinkers
25) Scots
26) Men who wear jewellery
27) Flat cap wearers
28) Shell suits
29) Guardian readers
30) Body piercing
31) Karaoke
32) Taxi drivers
33) Animal rights activists
34) Pro-hunt supporters
35) Men with facial hair
36) False nails
37) Noisy eaters
38) non-drinkers
39) skateboarders
40) Designer clothes wearers
41) Dieters
42) Golf players
43) Botox users
44) Bigots

As I read through the list I went from:
*Yes - I have an issue with them - because they offend a to-the-core value
*Yes - I have an issue with them for quite ridiculous and prejudiced views based on a stereotype that I don't like.
*No - because I have consciously shunned the stereotype and I refuse to generalise. (how big of me!)
*No - how could anyone have an issue with them?
*That wasn't even a stereotype I was aware of - and therefore not sure how that group can be a 'pet hate'
*Hey that's me - I belong to that group. He he!

And I bet everyone experiences this list differently.


  1. "Pet hates:
    1) Urban 4X4 drivers
    2) Men in white socks
    3) Balding men with comb overs
    4) Limp handshakes
    5) Rottweiler owners"

    Absolutely the worst are Rottweiler owners that have limp handshakes.
    (The owners, not the Rottweilers.) :-)

  2. 4, Limp handshakes (not a hate just dislike)

    12, NIMBY'S
    44, Bigots

  3. Oh, there are so many and quite a few I'm guilty of, but I'm not putting my hand up to anything. I will cringe if I ever met and shook the limp hand of a tattoo'd shell-suited Scot (Rab Nesbit type) who drove a fiesta festooned with dangling fur dice. Highly improbable but you never know!

  4. Berowne - I am the least observant person in the world - so that reduces my list considerably. please explain the white socks thing - as I have never actually seen it - because I don't notice it - I am not diputing it happens!

    heronster - a green selection

    Sandra - disqualified

    Ken - You have just described my husband.

  5. urban 4x4 drivers (though maybe they knew about the constant snow to come?), Sun readers and karaoke (in UK - in Japan, it's birthplace, it's culture!. The others all amuse me xxx

  6. I see you are catching up on your missing coursework but I expect to see every post commented on.

    I thought you hated flat cap wearers?


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