Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Space hopper races...a sub-blog for today in response to a request

I am breezing through..on the way to a meeting......

The start.....

There is video footage of the actual race somewhere. It shows me knocking over a small child and the expression on my face shows just how inconvenient I consider that to be - because I only just about stop to check he is alright. I mean...winning is everything. Dr Bob was clearly better at space hopping than me but he let me win - what with it being my birthday and me being so ridiculous by nature.

Eventually we let the kids have a go....


  1. "Favorite Movies: The Lavender Hill Mob... Is anyone reading this?"

    I am. Anyone who remembers "The Lavender Hill Mob" is a friend of mine. :-)

  2. Are you bare-footed there, young Moll?

  3. Didn't Deep Purple do a song about Space Hopping? :)

  4. what gorgeous colours they all are! and is one space-hopper in disguise as a horse?

  5. Julian cope did a mighty fine song about spacehoppers. But then he probably was one at the time...

    hello Gill, I recognise you from Flickr! (It's osborne villas btw)

  6. You need to know that this is today's sub-post and the one before is the main one.

    Berowne - coming in loud and clear, I love the Lavender Hill Mob even though it's black and white and I struggle with that...good old Earling. However, clearly you are a little off the beaten track and clearly a little wonderfully unhinged.

    FF - yes but please don't tell me off.

    Codgi - I didn't so much as space hop and ram-hop. Space-hoppers always brings out a nasty side of my flipping pancakes and Monopoly

    Hi Gill - yes we had two horse - I had to have one of course.

    Gill meet Typo, Typo meet Gill - you both take great photos.

  7. I am so glad that you posted a pic!! Fab

    C x

  8. When I helped organise 'Christmas on the Street' at our school we had space hopper/horse races - the kids loved it!

  9. Didn't I sound like a disapproving school marm? If you were ever to meet me you would find out the truth - and wonder how on earth I got 30 (not that I'm dwelling on it)

  10. The back was the best place to be, away from Molly's elbows.

  11. Oh I get it now...I wrote 'Lavender Hill Mob' on my thingy!!! I wrote it so long ago. Re-read your comment as if the person reading it did not register their part in it...and that's where I was!
    Berowne - I was projecting.

  12. Carol - It was a wonderful surprise...the type I would fully expect of Chris. That birthday was between my dad's death and his funeral. I was undoubtedly in need of some space hopping.

    Akelamalu - welcome back - good cruise? I think spcae hopping should be on the weekly timetable. it's very good for you.

    FF - your chaotic unhingement shines through - don't you worry!!! xxxxxxx

    Jonathan - It was a 'there and back race'. Did I knock you over too? You look pretty raring to go in the start photo - bt not quite as much as I do. x


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