Sunday, 7 March 2010


I wonder what it actually says about individuals and as a couple!

Inspired by a comment from Ken D


  1. It says you met because you shared the same hair stylist.

  2. It's simple. Two people frightened by the same Rohrshack test. :-)

  3. I was going to put something witty but I can't compete :)

  4. Seems like Mr. Potter is more meticulous and/or pragmatic than you because of the tendency to fill in all the spaces? (I correctly guessed left in the previous post, haha).

  5. Let me get this right - you did the first one and Andy did the second? How come you have an equally artistic husband? I'm useless at drawing and painting but Mr FF is pretty good - you're an even match.

  6. don't we all have a masculine and feminine side to our faces in real life, I'm not remotely symmetrical. certainly a bit of jiggery pokery in photoshop copying and flipping face sides, gives you two very different people.

  7. Jonathan – yes – that’s me – I style both of us. Obviously in art – we create our aspirations.

    Berowne – yes ink blob is not our medium – clearly

    Codgi – just nice that you turned up!

    Eric - Mr Potter/Kirkham is undoubtedly more meticulous than me. I paint a room in an hour, he takes two days. Because I really never notice, quality is not my thing! Probably more pragmatic too...are you an art psychotherapist?

    FF – He’s probably a better draftsman, I’m probably a better designer. Neither of us are great! We just like to play!

    Mr T – I also heard speculation that we have a public and private side to our face (our left is what we want to hide from the world) and our right is our public persona. There was that woman who they used for criminal profiling that spotted Ian Huntley....I think I look better with my right duplicated symmetrically. All that darkness inside me.......

  8. I agree with Mr T...we are all two-faced. Oops, was that a slip?
    I did notice a lifetime ago that I have a harsh demanding left eye and a soft sympathetic right eye and that I paint primarily with my left.

    Incidentally, I thought you were having a break Molly P. My blog isn't letting me know of updates and I missed the last few.

  9. I was TRYING to have a break and then something else pops into my brain and I write about it.

    I will try really hard to have a few days off now.


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