Sunday, 21 March 2010

Go on ...make the effort

I hate plans. I am so far down the hate end of the hate planning/love planning spectra that it's yet another section in my freakdom dossier. So when I say 'yes' to an invite, I am happiest if there is wriggle-out space. There's always that with certain friends and certain events but I am aware there isn't with others. (Life's a teacher.)

So we were home after a day wandering round town, a meal in a restaurant and far too long in a bookshop and, quite frankly, a bit tired. What's more it was raining.

We were invited out to Henry's do. Henry used to be the drummer in our band (Klunk) and he's a quirky soul and very likeable. But we were tired and the rain looked annoying and it's not really summer yet - with it's brightness urging us to the outdoors - is it? And Henry's a wriggler himself - so he'd have understood.

So we dithered and teetered on the decision's edge. But then the whole spontaneity thing kicked in - as it usually does - and twenty minutes later we found ourselves driving up a country road with tired kids in the car looking for a place with vague directions - on the part of both issuing and receiving! Eventually, after drawing a few unnecessary patterns on country roads with a little exhaust pollution - we arrived.

And bam. One of those occasions that you were glad you made the effort for.

Wonderful Rachel Long - metal manipulator extraordinaire's barn at the end of a track in the middle of nowhere. Wonderful people to be enjoyed.

It's always good to push for adventure and novelty isn't it.

Apparently Bernard M said this was a bit too 'modern' to grab his interest. Glad he's such a discerning turkey snatcher. ha ha.

P.S. Today is officially 'Brother's Day' as declared by my six year old son.


  1. is perfect reading on arriving home in need of some re-grounding from crazed heady-ness tonight....

  2. It looks live a very funky night...those sculputes are fabulous!!

    We stayed home and I cooked salmon with a chilli and lime crust and creamy puy lentils...not very exciting but tasty!!

    C x

  3. My friend has the policy of always saying Yes - to everything. I dispute this - my policy is to say Yes to things I know have a higher chance of being pleasurable than unpleasurable/neutral.

    But I have been thinking about this very topic recently of making the effort. Sometimes I just feel too tired/out of sorts to do something (I know will be pleasurable)and I choose not to. Then I feel bad that I didn't make the effort and threw the opportunity away, but is choosing to not do something, recharge your batteries, withdraw, do little, actually a very worthwhile thing. I am pondering the answer because I will have a long time to recharge my batteries when I am dead!!!

    Am I coming across unhinged again? xxx

  4. Miriam.....happy to have provided. xxxx hope you're not suffering too much this morning.

    Carol - that food sounds perfect. I suspect you're also less tired than I am today - bonus.

    Claire - I try to balance it. but if it's likely to be a completely new experience...I find it really hard to resist - even if I am really tired. However, I have grown to really appreciate nights in - in a way I might not have done in my wild, restless and slightly agitated youth. the 'might have missed out' feeling doesn't hit me very much now.

  5. Love the gyraffe sculpture, it needs some yellow and brown lights I think.

    I dislike planning for the most part, there's enough of that at work.

  6. I like the turkey.

    I like spontaneity too, but for some things, like big get-togethers it can be impossible. The only trouble with planned things is that I no longer absolutely depend on my diary so I don't always read it....


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