Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Corners I like to look at....

My six year old son is often walking round our house with a camera filling it up with shots along the lines of a computer screen, his knee, a close up of his mother's ear, a guines pig's bottom, the remote control etc.

This inspired me to do the same. I wandered round my house taking photos of corners and things I like to look at. And this was some of the result....

Bathroom spirals and stars that are all over the walls and ceiling...

The clock centre. A shop bought one and one our daughter made from an old record, a cereal packet, a CD and milk bottle tops as part of an art project at school. I love how the numbers are wonky. Chap says one shows the time in Norwich and the other shows the time in the twenty second dimension - because they are always a little out of sync. Time runs a bit more randomly in the 22nd dimension because of the irregular spacing of the numbers.

A thirtieth birthday card my lovely friend Dayna made for me. It's made out of tissue paper, watercolour and cloth and it illustrates me sucking my thumb - which I have mostly given up - now I am a bit more grown up. Actually the same friend cut my hair short which made hair twiddling - and therefore thumb sucking - pointless.

Earring storage. I always think it's decorative.

The dragon that flies in our front room.

An experiment inspired by something I caught on TV

Daffodills from lovely Emily at work frame a photo of the family and our old band...ahh.

Chap's crazy tiling...

How a stairwell should be decorated

The two Ronnie's changing shelf

My favourtie of all the papier mache flowers....

Another joint craft project. Andy did the cork base and I did the batik shade. One of our pottier collaborations!

The Molly Potter section of the library. It makes me proud (if I am allowed to be). Not bad for a dyslexic. I notice my books are in the fairy tale section.

I just like that bit of the wall....

An example of one of our 'systems'

One of Chap's art projects...kids' shoes in a frame? Nutter.

That concludes the tour of slightly potty corners in my house. Thank you and goodnight.


  1. And I've only got one French corner.....;

  2. Dylan (5) likes playing with our camera - he takes shots of the weirdest things too. But that lamp takes some beating.

  3. Jeepers that's incredible not a bit of dust or a cobweb in sight ! Amazing! simply amazing.

  4. Nice, particularly the bookshelf... Whose book is 'This Diary Will Change Your Life'? There is someone in the blogosphere called Newt who is i the final days of chronicle-ing the exercises contained within the book.

  5. Codgi - get some more corners - I'd recommend them. then give us a tour.

    Mark - the lamp really annoys me...so huge and impractical. My suggestion for something more practical did not go down well.

    Heronster - hate to say it....but you don't have to look hard on a couple of those photos to find some pretty incredible dust build up. But don't go looking...I like the idea that we are dust free. Messy but clean...is my delusion.

    This diary will change your life was given to me by my friend Chris (bonkers man). It's packed with crazy suggestions. I have to ration myself because it sends my head spirally out of control! I like random acts of kindness too...I will have a look for Newt. It's a bit like Yes Man by Danny Wallace someone...who spent a year saying 'yes' to absolutely everything he was asked - and documented it in the book 'Yes Man'... I like those kind of things.

  6. I was rushing through before....and then thought...did I need to wheel in my dark side to interpret your comment Heronster. Are you suggesting the absence of dust is the only truly amazing things about my favourite corners!!!! How very dare you! Happy Paddy's Day!

  7. Now this is my kind of post lady! Venn diagram overlap!!! Housewifey precious corners of one's home like the other lovely blogs I follow! Could you do some recipes next?!!!! Like the book colour thing...might try that. Our huge homemade clock in the living room has its own timescale too - between five past and ten past it pauses for an awful long time - time stands still, everyone holds their breath, finally it jerks forward - and everyone sighs with relief and can live again. Lola is about to get a UK time and China time clock in her bedroom as she keeps asking "What time is it in China? What are they doing in China?".

  8. What a lovely lot of things that mean a lot to you. I adored the CD clock and like the way you have it by an ordinary bog standard one.

    Tell us about the group you used to be in.

  9. my favourtie thing is also the clock from the 22nd dimension.
    i might pinch this idea for a blog post.
    most interesting.
    and fun

  10. O Mz Molly how could you possibly think that I would make such a low remark. :-(

    When: "Amazing! simply amazing" referred to your novel corners etc.

    Thank you for your greetings, much obliged!
    It can't be a proper Paddy's Day because we have no rain, as yet - I live in hope ;-)

  11. Hi Molly P
    You've re-kindled my desire to have a large metal dragon with one foot on the roof and another on the wall as it breathes imaginary fire at anyone approaching the front door.

    By George, I'll have one some day.

    You bared your soul here Molly. I read every single title on the bookshelf and looked at every photo. Felt a bit freaky and had to check myself. I just found it interesting 'as all!

  12. James/Claire – so none of the life ponderings – photos of clocks and you are happy! In fact I know this, but it won’t stop me pondering.

    FF – Thank you lovely.
    The group was a seven piece klezmer band called Klunk. I played fiddle, fronted it and sang. It was raucous and fun. I posted briefly about it:

    Clipster – Ooo I look forward to your post...go on please do it..xxxx

    Heronster – so I was slanderous. How terrible of me. Sorry. But the dust is there (look on the dragon and the blue bookshelf for example) so I need another compliment!
    Any rain? I used to be able to say Happy Paddy’s day in Oirish (my lodger taught me) but now when i try Pawthry comes out....???? Grey matter playing up again.

    Hi Ken D
    My dragon is made from papier mache. It had a wire skeleton. I made it just before I lured my chap with fire damage. He admitted later that the dragon helped clinch the decision to give me a go!!!!!! Funny to think it all hinged on a papier mache dragon.

    The book of handwritten spells, How it works: the motorcar and Mrs Plug the Plumber is all I will admit to owning. The others passer-bys must have left.

  13. I like ponderings too but this gets my goat! xxx

  14. Goat? Goat?
    Which goat are we getting and who gets it?


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