Friday, 5 March 2010

Courting picture

When chap and I were newly courting (I love that verb!) back in 1997, we got together with some gummy paper and produced this picture! I did one half, chap did the other. It was very territorial.

We spent the entire evening on it, absolutely absorbed in it.

When people admire it, I always ask,
'which side do you think Andy did and which side did I do?'

And people ALWAYS guess correctly.

Wanna guess? You're bound to get it right.


  1. i think you did the female side? It's an amazing picture.

  2. Stupendous pic, yes. You did the left side as we look at it. What a wonderful courtship souvenir.

  3. Clipster - oh - you know in all this time I never saw it as male and female!!!!

    Yes I did the left. We were so absorbed we didn't really notice what the other way doing.

    Codge - there's a little Andy and Molly '97 written in one corner....always makes me glow!

  4. Hi Molly P
    Now I know Picasso was really a double act and he was too mean to give credit to his better half.
    I applaud Andy who resisted brown hair after using red for lips and pink for skin. You on the other hand didn't conform at all which is probably typical.

    It's a really good courting brief...paint your personality and see if we are compatible. Better paint how you see me and I'll paint how I see you and we'll both see how long this relationship will last.

  5. Hi Ken D - you're popping up in lots of different places....but I keep finding you!

    Perhaps it was subconsciously checking each other out!


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