Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The kind of puzzles I used to love as a child....

When I was a kid I used to love these kind of puzzles. I know some of them have been around for ages but I still enjoy them.......

1) A large ship is moored to a pier has a rope ladder hanging over its side. Each rung of the ladder is 2 cm in diameter and the rungs are 50cm apart, centre to centre. The ladder hangs down to the water, the water just covering the fifth rung from the bottom. If the tide rises at a uniform rate of 10cm an hour, how many rungs will be underwater after two hours? A drawing might help you find the answer.

2) What are the tree mistake in this sentence?

3) Why do white sheep in Wales eat more than black sheep?

4) Why are 2007 pennies worth more than 2006 pennies?

5) How much soil can be removed from a hole 2 metres wide by 2 meters long and 2 metres wide.

6) A scientist made an amazing discovery. He invented a liquid so powerful it would dissolve any substance known on Earth He made millions of pounds selling it for £15 a bottle. What is the flaw in this story?

7) What month has 28 days?

8) A crafty coin dealer tried to sell some coins to a keen coin collector. All the coins were dates 57 BC. Do you think the coin collector could be getting a bargain?

9) Alan decided to paint his new bicycle red and to give it three coats of paint. Which coat will be put on the first?

10) What happened in 1961 and will not happen again until 6009?

11) When is 5 half of 4?

12) What is light as a feather, but even the strongest man cannot hold it more than a few minutes?

13) On my way to the fair, I met 7 jugglers and a bear, every juggler had 6 cats, every cat had 5 rats, every rat had 4 houses, every house had 3 mice, every mouse had 2 louses, every louse had a spouse. How many in all are going to the fair?

14) Johnny's mother had four children. The first was April, the second was May, and the third was June. What was the name of her fourth child?

15) You are driving a bus. Four people get on, three people get off, then eight people get on and ten people get off, then 6 people get on and 2 more people get off. What colour were the bus driver's eyes?

Answers on a wheelbarrow please.

I find that once your head is tunes into this kind of puzzle, the answers come thick and fast.


  1. 2) What are the tree mistake in this sentence?

    'three' 'mistakes' and there isn't a third mistake, which is in fact, a mistake?

    Or maybe there is a tree, which has been staked, but poorly (mis-staked), but carried out by prisoners during their sentence?

    I won't answer all of them, it might take me years...

  2. Fun!

    I've been over here a few times of late, but couldn't see any new posts... something was a miss with my reader I think.
    Anyway I arrive this morning to see several new posts... so all is working again now.

    See ya next time :)

  3. OK, Molly, I don't get the sheep in Wales, nor the 4 half of 5. I might have to think about no. ten too.

    I love these kinds of puzzles too....

  4. Is four half of 5 when it's in Roman numerals? ie IV is half of V? oh no - that's the other way around!

  5. Ah, I just got number 10 while I was shoveling manure outside. They're invertible.

  6. Eric - yes the third mistake is that there isn't one but I prefer your answer!

    Robyn - I haven't been posting - just writing vaguely nw and then so I 'released' them all a once - so there's nothing wrong with your computer. I am just trying to spend less time on the computer and bunching up and then releasing seems to take less time - plus i am writing less anyway.

    Codgi - number 3 - because there are more of them!

    Nikki - you're right - I have put that the wrong way round.(will correct)..but barking up right tree. Although simply barking suits you too.xxxx

    Codgi - clearly manure does wonders for your thinking skills. I won't make any suggestions!!


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