Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lady in red moment

Last night chap, friend and I went to a fantastic little music club called 'Club Uniquity' in Suffolk. There were lots of jokes about us being 'exotic' what with us journeying all the way from Norwich and when Andy said one of his songs was from south-east Africa there was some deliberation before they concluded that must be Southwold way.

The stage wouldn't have looked out of place at Butlins - with the sparkly lights and smoke machine but the comfy sofa we staked out, the cabaret style seating and mix of artistes made it a corking night! (I was handing out top trump identity cards and when that goes down well - one of my criteria for 'great venue' has been ticked).

Anyway. Andy got up to play his set. The compere said, 'tell us a bit about yourself Andy' to which he replied, 'I am the shyest guitarist in the world.' I could tell he wanted to get on and 'let his music speak for itself,' but there were more questions and backed into his metaphorical corner Andy lashed out by telling the audience what a nutter his wife was and that he was going to dedicate this first tune to her. I think comperes should pressurise him more often.

Anyway anyway. He started to play a song called Obiero. I adore this piece. (It's on his MySpace: Andy Kirkham.) It's played by dampening the strings down with some toilet tissue to get quite a unique sound. I watched the audience. They were absolutely mesmerised. He went on to play more tunes that exhibited his ability to move his fingers around the fret board like a freak of nature. And so I had my 'lady in red' moment.

Now for those of you that have tastefully shunned everything to do with Chris de Burgh, I will inform you. Somehow word got to me that Chris de Burgh wrote the song 'Lady in Red' about his wife. He'd taken her out and I'll be literal, she was wearing a red dress. It's deep. Apparently he had a 'moment' when he saw his wife with refreshed love and attraction because she was being admired by everyone in the room. Thus my lady in red moment. Not that I really need one. I adore my Andy anyway!

And the 'Lady in Red' theme does not stop there. One of my favourite heckles - that's guaranteed to get a laugh when someone delivers music of Andy's calibre is to shout in my best cockney (Gatwick really) accent, 'do you know laydeee in red?'


  1. I took my camera and meant to take a photo but I was too busy.

  2. I have my Lady in Red moments when Jim sings that Italian song (I don't even know what it's called! Shameful!). He dedicated it to me at The Catweazle Club in Oxford once the weekend before we were getting married. That club sounds great!!

    I'd forgotten about Lady in Red being about his wife and her red dress. It reminds me of the Experimental Travel idea - travel to a place with your partner for the weekend but on a separate plane. Spend all weekend looking for your partner (you can have a photo of them to show people). The author of the book did it in Venice. He finally saw his wife through the window of a cafe drinking coffee. He said he felt so excited and in that moment fell in love with her all over again.

  3. sounds like a fun night ;)

  4. Not sure I could do the equivalent to Jane - the banjo doesn't quite cut it for romantic tunes; and that is, if I could play it half decently in the first place. Still, I try.

  5. Let me affably and without malice, share with you the only banjo joke I know.... What is the best sound made by a banjo?


  6. Claire - I love the Experimental travel book and 'play' things like that with Chris. I have a lady in red moment with Jim when he sings the sheep and/or p*sshead song. (to the tune of dark eyes....

    I've been mislead
    You're a p*sshead
    Think I misread
    What that last kiss
    That your rotten breath
    Foretold early death
    from sclerosis
    Halitosis -
    Was a sure fine sign
    That you lived on wine
    And you cleaned your palette with meths

    When you’re choosin’
    What your boozing
    Don’t forget
    The looks you’re losing
    All my passion dies
    When i see you read eyes
    And your strawberry nose
    And your big fat thighs
    You stink
    You don’t wash
    You drink all my dosh
    And soon all you’ll attract will be flies.

    Now that i know
    You’re a wino
    Maybe you still
    Could be mine – o
    Just put that four pack
    Of strong larger back
    Take my hand and
    We’ll abandon
    Your dipsomania
    And lie once againia
    By my side when you join me on smack

    Actually the in love with a sheep song's funner - especially the line,
    My wife asks why when all your shirt are made of polyester is you navel always full of wool...and
    'I haven't much to show from the time we had... a mild dose of foot and mouth, few droppings and a kilo of cheese. And the bit where the sheep runs off with a man with greener grass. In fact, as he's forgotten the words and I have a recording of it, I might document it!!!

    Actaully Jimmy is a comic genius.

    Ribbon - yes it was great...still buzzing from it (through the exhaustion)

    Mark - I don't know - a banjo has comedy value - as proven by Codgi - everyone likes to laugh.

    Accordions are another business altogether.

  7. That's seven comments not's choosing not to blog can't count

  8. That's a nice story.
    Also, I hear you shouldn't pay the ferryman until you get to the other side.


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