Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Norfolk's secret beaches

You don't have to look hard to find a beach for yourself in Norfolk. We went to one such beach last weekend. It's called Trimmingham and it's just east of Cromer.

First you have to walk across a field and then through a little bit of wood.

Then you have to scramble down a slightly steep slope that I suspect would be somewhat treacherous after heavy rain.

And then you arrive at a beach that you have pretty much to yourself:

I actually witnessed a big clump of the cliff fall away in the distance so I would guess coastal erosion is alive and well here.

Then you collect pebbles and play with them until they inspire you to do something with them.....


  1. I have lived by the sea all my life and went to school overlooking the cliffs at Cullercoats in the North East. My mum even wrote a children's hymn about listening to the sea (I listen and I listen) that has been published all over the world - she still get good royalties forty years later.

    Now I live about half the year in Pembrokeshire. It is interesting there, that even in the tourist season if you go to beach that requires a walk you can be fairly sure it will be quiet, if not exactly deserted. My house (home) in Pembrokeshire has been unliveable for three months and we get it back this weekend - I can't wait to go back.

  2. I love solitary beaches! Except perhaps there's no such thing....

    An ex-neighbour and his wife told me they were once having fun on a what they thought was a deserted beach, no cars parked, no-one to be seen for miles around, and who should arrive out of the surf but a snorkeller....

    Lovely pebbels by the way, great shades. Perhaps you should send some to Lia so she can make some jewellery.

  3. I've been taken to a few of the beaches in Norfolk and for each and every one there was a dubious slope that we had to slither down - which was slightly better than the clamber up afterwards. Actually I've just remembered there was one where the beach was on the same level as the gorgeous little street. There were two art galleries and a pub where we had one of the best Sunday lunches I'd ever had. I wish I could remember the name of the place. It was fabulous.

  4. Well, your beach certainly beats Hunstanton last Sunday, which was as backed as an August bank holiday. Every summer we keep discovering new and quiet beaches, but can we find them next time we're in Norfolk?

  5. those are beautiful pictures :-) thank you for sharing your beach!

  6. Hey! Your first mosaic? Great job! It looks almost exactly like Hungary in the early morning (you know, because of your color gradient).

    Another blogger from around Norfolk said that there was a shipwreck long ago with a fortune just off one of those beaches. I guess you guys have found it already?

  7. We're dead lucky on the beach front, Even the tourist ones are cool in their own way, those being the ones round Great Yarmouth. My favourite is probably Sea Palling or possibly Eccles ans Happisburgh, they've got a certain "local beach for local people" hidden-ness about it. The whole stretch from probably Overstrand to Winterton is pretty forgotten with the exception of Mundesley which is like a mini Cromer for locals, some of it is exceptionally bleak in winter, which for me is part of the attraction. Best beaches in teh UK!


    Sea Palling


  8. Mark – I have only been to Pembrokeshire once – on my way to Ireland but i saw a beach and I was blown away by its sandiness and desertedness.

    How does the hymn go?

    Codgi – how did you put that link in – when i can’t even put them in my posts? Doh! To me.
    I have always been strangely fascinated by pebbles. My front garden is full of them. I will create something with no doubt put a picture on my blog. It’s like my blog is stalking me.

    James – weirdo. We’ll take you to one this coming visit – yes? With a duvet. Is it something to do with living in as middle of the country as middle gets? Was that deliberate?

    FF – that description of a beach level with a street hasn’t made me think of anywhere – Nick? Where could that be? Mundesley?
    ....Mmmm. Your chap’ll know yes? I’m intrigued.

    The Dotterel – hello. I have only been to Hunstanton beach once - still in Norfolk but a different world. If you’re prepared to walk, you don’t have to go far to find deserted beaches. I don’t know west Norfolk so well. Norfolk has a lot of beach...and salt marsh, and water and fields and sky and tractors....duntit

    Marie – thank you for thanking me. I like the idea that it’s MY beach! No I can share.

    Eric – There was supposed to be a shipwreck (or several) in The Wash (west Norfolk). King John’s treasure rings a bel!!!

    Hungary early in the morning – your wiring is unique. X

    Mr T – We love Sea Palling too. Years ago on one of my dad’s visits to Norfolk to spend Christmas with me (1992?) I had expressed a wish to go to ‘Sea Palling’ on Christmas day. My dad thought it was odd but went along with it. I navigated and we arrived, got out and walked to the beach with the dog. And he asked, ‘Yes but where’s Pauline?’ Right up until the beach, he had thought I’d made some strange Christmas day arrangement with this woman.

    Winterton - yep love that. Pebbles at Mundesley...actually - yes – we are spoilt. Except none of them are south facing!!!!

  9. Yep, I deffo prefer "cosy countryside". I'm the type who doesn't get out the car and sits there with a flask of tea.

    However, my vote for best British beach goes to Dungeness for sheer weird atmosphere.

  10. I used to go to school right near the sea, we used to do cross country along the cliff tops. I really miss the north sea!

  11. 'em!
    I collect a stone from each beach I visit if it has any. I throw the pebbles at anything floating or propped up. (it's a boy thing, I think.)

    I like the second photo. 8,9,10...ready or not, I'm coming! We used to play that, but who is the little girl?

  12. James - no hardy lass left huh? Will be visiting Dungeness before long...

    Nikki - Ooo yes - it does blow the cobwebs away.

    Ken D - The little girl is my daughter and in the distance, further down the cliff are my son and chap...running ahead all excited.


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