Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tonight I lined some more curtains

I thought I'd try a literal and straightforward post to see what happens - to see if I can avoid finding some hidden meaning and intuiting all over the place.

Tonight I lined some curtains. It's the second pair in six months. The first pair I did for warmth before winter and this pair I did because I hate it when bright mornings wake me up at 5 a.m.

I am not a neat person or have I had any 'formal' training in needlework but with sound spacial awareness, reasonable problem solving capabilities and an old Singer turn-the-handle machine that my mum taught me how to thread up years ago....I get there.

Obviously there's lots of wondering if a needle in the mouth is wise, seven pairs of scissors on the go to ensure there's at least one pair within reach/findable, thread everywhere, little tangles now and then, a lot of talking things through with myself and the odd mild swear word. I get into the flow (I was 'lost' to a Little House on the Prairie type existence for at least 3/4 hour) and gather a great sense of achievement when it's done. I've also hidden all evidence of my doings as chap is out - it will be nice to see if he notices that it's darker tomorrow morning.

There done. Very basic. And boring.

How many different things could curtains be the metaphor for? No beef or smut allowed.


  1. Wow! a practical side to Molly :) Yay cool.

  2. We have a very similar, possibly identical, machine inherited from my mother. She took it to lots of different countries and never had to worry about plugs, sockets or voltages. Very reliable.

  3. My first thoughts...(nothing deep or metaphorical)

    There is a little grown up Laura Ingalls in you just dying to get out. She wants to line curtains, make jam, do patchwork, bake cakes...and you keep making her go down the freakin pub!

    I am impressed. I am unable to sew or learn to sew (my secondary school sewing lessons resulted in my being slapped round the face and locked in the cupboard by the teacher). I just can't deal with thread, fabrics - not my medium. But I would LOVE to be able to sew - I have so many projects I could do. My latest one is choosing fabric I love and making replica dresses of the dresses I own and love but have fallen apart after years of wearing. Fortunately I have friends who can sew.

    What with this and your deep psychological other blogging stuff, frankly I am getting mixed messages. Who ARE you?


  4. Molly and Jonathan - my sewing machine is just like that too! inherited from my partner's grandmother, I keep meaning to find out how old it is - maybe almost 100 years? People try and encourage me to use a modern machine instead but I don;t trust electric ones, I quite like the squeaky handle and sense that not too much can go wrong! I havent used it for a long time (I gave up on making curtains when I found out how cheap ready-made ones could be) but I do have a bunting project bubbling away at the back of my mind...

  5. Codgi - I am quite practical but like it best when it's theoretical!!!!! I am quite dexterous too!!!

    Jonathan and Gill - I love my old Singer. I bought it from a 'dead person's stuff shop' across the road from me when I was a student. Truth is the electronic ones scare me a bit!! All that whizzing and noise. It is handy to have two hands though - I will concede.

    Claire – I used to copy dresses that I loved and make them. I don’t do it anymore. Andy and I have decided we are going to wear colourful clothing as old people – and as male clothing is often so dull, I will have to make his shirts. I actually love sewing...appeals to spacial puzzles, making, flow, and a real sense of achievement. Curtains are somewhat easy – although the large velvet ones I lined were heavy and unwieldy. That makes me sound like Laura Ingalls.

  6. I shall send you all the dresses I want copied then and the fabrics I want them made in. No rush - as long as they are ready by summer - say June? They will go nicely with my Urugayan shoes which I now have! Cheers.

  7. I'm relining my winter coat with a snazzy new lining :)


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