Sunday, 14 March 2010

What happens when I have power.

As it was Mothers' Day I was in charge although Jed (6) said he was also a bit in charge. So with my new-found power, my request was that we collectively draw an alien-scape.

It was mostly my and Jed's composition but Andy drew a fish in a wheelchair and an ant-dog which is pretty good for a 43 year old and Maddy threw a few pictures in the pot in between moaning about her homework (regular Sunday mantra).


  1. Is that your "Martian in red" moment I can see depicted? :)

  2. Molly you adorable little pixie you. :-)


  3. This is very Bayeux Tapestry-esque. Lovely.

  4. Great to see so many of my friends immortalised on canvas. Seriously, I love the palette and composition. What a creative family.

  5. Love it!

    We did a collaborative family picture of a house a couple of weeks ago which came out somewhat odd. Jim was into upside rooms and taxiodermy. I did fluffy girls' bedrooms, Fred had skeletons in the loft and Chelsea posters and Lola got absorbed in drawing her and her friends jumping on the sofa. Collaborative art is cool...

    Before that was the communal string throwing art episode! xxx

  6. That is jolly nice.

    we made Warhammer trees (Rooargh! etc) out of old phone cable and wood filler, we just need some greenery now, I love modelling with Isaac, I can't say Warhammer has any other attractions apart from that to be honest.

  7. I love the thought of the Potter/Kirkham family sitting round the table, each with their particular bit of paper to be creatively covered. What a fine job was done by all of you.

  8. Codge - what would a martian do to get admiration from the crowd I wonder? Play 'Fly me to the moon' on a grafollia XD3? Throw a frisbee to knock another planet out of orbit? Untangle it's 459 limbs without help? Be a professional Fuzzball player? Transmodulate into a variety of objects?

    Pearl - ah there you go again making me blush. Thank you.

    Clipster - the Battle of Grantantia 45, depicted - the winning side? It was ugly - eyeballs, scales and tentacles everywhere.

    Jonathan - nutter. Did you pick yourself out?

    Claire - we might try that although Jed might struggle to contain himself in one room.

    Mr T - I have not heard of Warhammer trees...will have to go and google. Oh - tree models for war?

    FF - it was a bit of a squash!

  9. There's no room restriction or any rules at all! xxx

  10. Hi Molly P
    I suspect that this type of down to earth activity is alien to a lot of families.
    A work of art. Well done!

  11. Warhammer: A hobby that involves buying lots of small intricate fantasy figures made out of plastic (like airfix figures from 40 year old men's childhood, but on steroids) you then buy expensive paint, which you can never quite have enough of, or all the right colours, you then paint it all, and buy scenery, and then play an overly complicated dice game with it, that I don't understand, but Isaac loves to bits. What is nice, is you can buy scenery for lots of English pounds, or you can dig deep into the Hornby train set part of every man's soul, use a bit of nouse, a pair of cable snips, some old wire from that drawer, and some wood filler and glue, a bit of horse hair out of a knackered chair/or moss or mixed herbs et voila... you have some very nice very real looking scale trees. I'll post them when we've finished them. It's fun.

  12. Now that appeals to my inner tomboy...but perhaps just conceptually.

    We had a huge Hornby train set when I was a kid. my dad made all the bits...I never tired of it...neither did my dad or brother. A mysterious appeal.


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