Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool's Day

We had impromptu April Fools' Day actions that started with me wondering what I could do while I was lying in bed first thing and Andy was fetching a cup of tea. It's amazing how many sick ideas come into your head; ideas that could actually cause distress if my acting were maintained and not destroyed by succumbing to the urge to giggle. The sick ones were rejected and I came up with jamming my hand in the gap between the bottom of the radiator and the futon.

'Help Andy, I don't know how I did it but my hand has become stuck, I think I need you to move the futon down if I have a chance of getting it out.' I had him showing concern for all of three seconds. Then he said, 'April Fool' and I wasn't sure if it was an accusation or an indication that he hadn't been fooled. Still - it had worked a tiny bit.

Then we plotted to trick our ten year old daughter. We brainstormed and came up with this idea: it is performing arts week in her school, so we clained to have read a letter that said she needed to take a toy sword to school. We had this ridiculous sword all lined up and everything. Imagine her turning up at school with the toy sword and asking what it was for and then it dawning on her she had been an April Fool. However, she's smart and bombarded us with questions about the letter, about the sword and about how she had managed not to have heard of this and Andy cracked and giggled. Boo.

He did stall her for a while with a story abut her not being able to use the front door because the hinges were dodgy. But then she just opened the door and left for school. Smart cookie kids are no fun!


  1. April fools day was a complete bust here. Nobody even tried it on at work which was very disappointing. I made a half hearted attempt before 12 o clock (the cut off?) but it was received with a groan. I told the students that all classes were cancelled as I had just found out I'd won the lottery. Somebody said very deadpan, "April Fool". and that was it.
    Next year I'm going to put fart cushions and plastic spiders on their chairs.

  2. I used to love April Fools' day as a kid but because we were so scared of the teachers we daren't do anything too terrible. I have a vague memory of a teacher tricking us once - but it couldn't have been that great as I don't remember it.

    You have inspired me to try harder next year.

    A couple of years ago I was staying with people that didn't know me well so I posted a letter to them from 'Adult Social Services' warning them of my mental state.

  3. When I was very young I squirted tomato sauce over my shirt and lay down in the hall pretending to be dead. I'll never forget my mum's anguished screaming.It was horrible - yes, I was a spoilt, over-indulged little girl.


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