Monday, 19 April 2010

Dear Richard Branson,

I have given myself some careers advice and have decided you need to employ me to create the most exciting, entertaining and unusual theme park in the UK. I'd make back the money you invested in no time - I promise!

Within the grounds of the park would be the Museum of the Imagination in which, because I have too many ideas to include, we would need to rotate the exhibits regularly.

There would be physical challenges (cross this terrain using the given equipment), murder mysteries - no actors needed!, add to the alien scape, moveable marble runs, a large (but miniature) treasure island around which children followed clues to find the treasure (different levels of difficulty), combat games that people could join in and leave at any moment, work out the one possible route puzzle, whole spaces that were visually and sensorilly spectacular, stream modelling, construct-a-fountain, 'cards' that I create for kids to collect -as prizes at various points in the park (they'll come back for more), scavenger hunts, collages that people add to, an interactive miniature railway, a sculpting park (you sculpt it), a muddled-colour scape, photo hunts, sort your own unusual furniture picnic area, finger races, .....actually the ideas are too many to list.

So please, Richard, employ me!


  1. Hi Molly P
    He'd be in a pickle if he didn't.

  2. That sounds like a sterling idea for a theme park. There'd have to be a lot of benches for the people watchers like me to sit and gaze admiringly at the energetic people like you

  3. Fire it off to HIM now.

    Sheryl Cole has her own magazine now Jim told me this morning. She's making herself a brand rather than a person. You will be the brand of the future.


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