Friday, 9 April 2010


Today my six year old son and I built a robot.....

that made it a good Friday for me.


  1. That's a robot worthy of a starring role in Dr Who. I see a glorious future for your golden mechanoid.

  2. My god, that's incredible. It's like a non-irritating C3PO with a soul.

  3. It's beautiful.

    I have six year old son too :)

    x Robyn

  4. What a fine robot! Does it do gardening?

  5. Positively overflowing with personality!


  6. that is a beautiful robot. What's his name?

  7. Jonathan - what you can't tell from the photo is it's 202 feet tall. It wouldn't even fit in the tardis. It could therefore probably only be in one episode. Hardly a future. Sad. We should have built it smaller.

    Eric - there you go again, making me laugh at your quirkiness.

    Robyn - Thank you. The world could never have too many 6 year old boys!

    Codgi - it does everything. Our lives have been transformed. We no longer have to do jobs we don't like.

    Pearl - yes he's getting a bit cheeky now he's used to us and feels he's now part of the family.

    Clipster - of all the names he could have had - he settled with Robotty. Slightly inside the box.


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