Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's Day

I don't entirely buy into Father's or Mother's or Valentine's or any of those days that have been turned into a mass marketed, money grabbing load of nonsense. I surprised myself there. Clearly I buy into it even less than I thought!

However, having said that, the kids and I did make a little booklet for the dad in our house. It was eight pages and I just got the kids to write (or tell me so I could write - in the case of Jed) and draw their responses to questions about dad such as:
*words I would use to describe dad...
*why we love dad...
*what makes dad great...

What they produced was reasonably entertaining - especially as both children had made up several adjectives to describe Andy - still not sure what was meant by 'shirtish'. Overall, however, I was a little disappointed about the result. That was until the last page which asked the children, 'If you could change one thing about dad, what would you change?' This clearly captured Jed's attention as he suggested earnestly,

"I would like him to have more (yes 'more') super powers so he could do things even morer and I would actually prefer it if he was a penguin."


  1. A true dad will actually acquire more superpowers and study to become a flightless bird of some sort after hearing his child say that.

  2. That is utterly brilliant!! I adore the fact that he wants him to be a penguin :-). You have cool kids!!

    C x

  3. Hi Molly P
    The morer I read it the better it gets.

  4. Shirtish? Definitely. And Andy has often been mistaken for a penguin at black tie gigs. But he keeps his super powers well hidden, unless being super modest is one of them.

  5. Hah, someone needs to wear the tux around the house more often?

  6. 'do things even morer'... I love that.

  7. Penguin? Ostriches are better :)

  8. I've always said that about Andy, It would be so much better if he was a penguin.

  9. Mmmmm.... A bird that wants to be a seal.... surely, they got that wrong.

    Except, did you know that Penguins make people happier than any other bird - strange, but true.


  10. What a lovely post! And how lucky they are to have a Dad that is both shirtish and possessing of superpowers even if he isn't a penguin!


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