Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Getting priorities right

So we are in chaos generally - as a type of lifestyle. Full stop. We are happily resigned to that - especially as we are not sure if we created it or it found us - so embroiled as we are. We couldn't shake it off even if we wanted to.

But of course we have just moved house and consequently the randomly constructed 'to do' list is even bigger than usual.

So being the ever helpful person I am, I lightened the weighted list burden with my prevalent practical and supportive approach and chose, 'make alien flowers' as the most pressing priority in the in tray. My family are just so lucky to have me.


  1. Wasn't it Tolstoy who said "All organised families are organised in the same manner but chaotic families are all chaotic in their different ways"... or something like that?

    And, of course, making "Alien Flowers" is totally suitable pastime - I agree... Your family are very lucky to have you!

    All the best


    P.S. Chaos hunts you down and finds you! It always does - no matter where you hide!

  2. Alien flowers are OK. It is the black hook on the right that I don't quite get.

  3. Bless Tolstoy!
    Keith you're lovely!!!! I needed the absolution you gave me.
    That's what I think - the chaos actually hunts us down with a super-sense. We have no chance.

    Ah the hook...it does something with curtains - if you have them that is.

  4. Actually those shelves look chaos free. They were only put up today though. Will re-photo at a later tiem to illustrate how well the chaos can hone in.

  5. Chaos is an existential orgasm. Your flower arrangement is the clarity that follows.

    The Fred Effect

  6. You have your priorities right MollyP. What is a home without colour creations forming a little bit of you? Probably just a house I suspect.

  7. So those are the gravity affected kind of alien flowers?

  8. Hey! Nobody said how amazing the alien flowers are! I will say it. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What are they made of? (practical enquiry).

  9. Fredster...I have never heard a alien flower arrangement saying or quote before...well not as good as that one anyway.

    KenD there are many colour creations round here....possibly too many but my daughter did say the new house felt like home once I had put up the pink and green papier mache monsters.

    Eric - I fired Graffitonian rays at them until they mutated...so yes - well spotted.

    Thank you Claire - praise indeed. They are papier mache - the medium that just keeps coming back. I think i might make some more..I like things with limitless forms like aliens. monsters and all that comes from their worlds.

  10. Ooohh I'm loving the Alien flowers!! They are...erm...wonderfully Alien looking :-)

    (When I moved into my first house I had absolutely nothing and the first thing I bought were some book ends...know that you are not alone!)

    C x

  11. But paper mache takes ages - how did you "just make em" ?

  12. It doesn't take ages...just one overnight drying wait.


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