Friday, 6 August 2010

Still at the top trump malarky

I am still making top trump cards and scattering them here and there. I also hand them to people so that they can use them as a form of identifucation (sp). There are now well over three hundred to collect. My sister says it's just attention seeking behaviour. I agree.


  1. I didn't know you knew Udge the Smudge?

    How weird is that?

    I was talking to him just the other day...

    Small world, isn't it?

    All the best


    P.S. When I were a lad, identifucation was something that wasn't discussed in public! At least, not by Gentlemen or Gentlewomen!

  2. I am often found talking about identifucation at the top of my voice in public...I like to be risqué. But I'm all talk - you wouldn't catch me actually having one.

    I went to school with Udge the Smudge and it is a little known fact that I gave him his nick name. How do you know him?

    Perhaps it's yime to unplug.

  3. time even. Pesky keys are playing up a lot today.

  4. So I've wondered, when you do these, you sketch them out (paper or software?) and print on a color printer to hand out, or do you hand out original art???

    In any case, fanciful and fun stuff.

  5. Attention-seeking behavior is what makes the global economy work. I'm proud of you.

  6. Just stop it. Make more flowers.

  7. Very cool - indeed I think they should have 'coolness' factor as well.

  8. Hi Eric...I draw them, scan them in, print, laminate and cut them out. I have children collecting them this side of Norwich (where I live) as I leave them in shops, in fences etc The other day a mum said her child described me as the seagull lady because when I scattered them at the original event I made them for, the kids swooped in on me like seagulls!!!!

    Fred the quote maker! Thank you.

    I have been making more flowers but not because my big sister told me to!!!

    Mark - I suspect coolness would causse a lot of argument when I handed them out to people for use as indentification! As it is intelligence and magical power starts fights!!

  9. Come on. Everything you ever do is because I tell you.

  10. Oh yes - I remember - that's right

  11. "My sister says it's just attention seeking behaviour."

    I suppose that if you see any person doing almost anything, there's at least an element of attention getting behavior involved.


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