Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Tea Towel

A present I gave to one of my loveliest friends: Caroline when she got married. I basically painted six tea towels with six different artists' impression of Caroline and Joe - had they painted them. I did this one: Klimt and Miro, Munch, Van Gough, Kandinsky and another I cannot remember.


  1. I want to see the Van Gogh!!! Was the other one Pissaro? Pointillism???

  2. What a fabulous gift!! Your friend Caroline is one lucky lady :-)

    C x

  3. Love it! I add my clamour to that of the others who want to see all of them

  4. I like the hand tickling the chin.

    I like the idea of a Dali tea towel - maybe that was the one you forgot?

  5. They sell really nice blue check ones in Jarrolds. Would have saved you a lot of trouble.

  6. A unique Jarrolds-less one from a unique person is much better. Well done Molly P.

  7. It's got to be a ladies thing, but still very clever!

  8. Robyn - why thank you
    Eric - sadly I think that has long since be lost. Really can't remember the other one even though I squeezed my brain trying to pop out the memory
    J.J. - it was received well although this was the only one that got framed - she actually USED the other ones!!
    Carol - thank you. I'm lucky to have Caroline as a friend - she os one of those truly special and lovely people!
    Codgi - thank you. I think some of the others actually got burnt in the kitchen!
    Mark - it might be hard to do two people Dali style and not insult them!!! or think you're wishing dark things upon them!!!
    Claire - I know I know - I do go to too much bother.
    Ken D - thank you - just ignore my sister's irreverence!!!
    Blu - welcome
    GOK - perhaps not 'ladies' just not everyone's cup of tea!

  9. That's the most tea towel commentary I have ever indulged in. Felt quite 'milked'


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