Thursday, 23 September 2010

Do they have a plan?

O.K. supposing you were in charge of a country, talking completely idealistically, what would you want for that country?

Just to paraphrase: what would a successful country look like in your opinion?

If you were to really think about it you might create a list of necessaries and desirables for this successful country. You might think generally or you might take it down to what every individual might experience when they exist in that country.

This idealist ponders.....

I want this country to give everyone equal opportunities, treat everyone fairly, encourage everyone to reach their potential and live a fulfilled life. This would mean nobody lived in relative poverty and it would tackle a lot of social ills - like crime for example.

What's the plan Mr Cameron?

I'll wheel out Maslow.....


  1. Sorry - that was a half concocted, half explained rant. It's OK I haven't lost it!!!

  2. I loved that half concocted, half explained rant!

    Much, much more of this please!

    This, in my opinion, is what's lacking on the internet these days! The world would be a far better place if we had more of these half concocted, half explained rants!

    All the best


    P.S. I think I'd want to include something that gave Spurs more than a sporting chance of winning the occasional game but, apart from that, I'm with your political ideology 100% - I'd vote for you!

  3. Treating everyone 'fairly' is a bit undefinable?
    Otherwise, you have a great set of general goals there for running a country.

    I'd put on my list ensuring the country's security, making sure that society as a group is advancing in health, technology, and knowledge while focusing on things that matter and not getting tied up in minutae that detract from the big picture items.

  4. Glad to see you again!

    Hm. It's been a while since I've read Utopia. To sum it up in one word, I'd like my country to be "happy." This means that it would treat itself right and be prosperous by being a good neighbor. It's the same general plan for being a happy person.

    Good question, Molly!

    On Being a Submissive Wife

  5. Keith - Ok to ensure I get into power I will add a bit about a sporting chance for Spurs under the bit in my manifesto about decorating all the trees with pretty colours.

    Eric - that's a very good point. 'Fairly' is an elusive little fellar. 'Unfairly' is cleverly used in an obtuse way to cover all inappropriate treatment of minorities - to define discrimination because to use 'treat someone differently (and not unfairly) because they belong to a minority' does not work because for example, disabled people need to be treated differently sometimes to create equal opportunities. If things are vague - they are open to opinion. O.K. ditch fairly and refer to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They will have considered their wording and I'd happily buy into them. There - a lazy response. Are you an INTJ Eric????

    Hi Fred - My rant changed direction several times and I did write a load of stuff about wanting to help a country develop aspirations to move up Maslow's hierarchy of needs to reach happiness- instead of being hung up on material acquisition (and production and consumption can't keep going on like it is - if we still want a planet!)

  6. think my original post was really a response to a change from a left wing leadership which appeared to aspire to tackle inequality and promote opportunity for all (albeit not overly successfully or efficient in execution) to one that.... well I am not sure if there is a vision - not one that has 'spoken' to me anyway.

  7. I'd vote for you too hon!! Your country sounds like my kinda place :-)

    Once I have recovered from my lurgy I shall get cracking on your housewarming pressy and get it to you! (just wanted to let you know that I've not forgotten!)

    C x

  8. Your country sounds OK but I'll miss the penniless slobs, rich snobs, rich slobs, penniless snobs, cheats, thieves, drunks and anything or anyone I've missed out. I won't vote for you Molly P...Spurs for goodness sake!

    My country will still be involved with bias, corruption, rigging and jigging...starting with Sunderland (it's called tackling inequality).

    I actually have very strong views on what the country needs (not dissimilar to yours). It will not happen in my lifetime however. Cameron is probably the best of the bunch which is why I pinned my sheriffs badge on him. In a few years I'll probably be the one who shoots the sheriff.


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