Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Fruits of blogging

There are many 'fruits' of blogging (nougats of information, foods for thought, feedback etc) but when one arrives in a large envelope and turns out to be a highly personalised housewarming gift that I's really quite something......

(This photo does not do it justice)

Thank you so, so much Carol at:
Not only in Thailand: (my link thing never uploads - any advice?)

It is going into a frame and onto my wall. I am truly touched.


  1. Hi Molly P
    That was a really nice thought. As for being touched, i've known that from the very first post I read here :)

    I tried without success to leave a comment on your last post...something like "What a great idea".

  2. Ah Ken D thank you. I wonder why the commenting is playing up. Glad you got through the technical resistance

  3. Agree with Ken D wholeheartedly!

    Somewhere there's a psychologist writing a casebook based upon this blog!

    All the best


    P.S. That was a really nice gift and it seems to sum you up perfectly in a "lopsided house with flowers" sort of way!

  4. Very nice gift! I like the outwardly facing face outlines, reminds me of ancient relief sculptures.

  5. What a lovely present! A wonderful style too....very appropriate, like Kieth said in his P.S.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture. It is adorable.

    And how amazingly lovely for a "stranger" (yes?)to send it to you all the way from Thailand. I'm gonna have a look at Carol's blog now...

  7. How lovely to have some of Carols art!

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