Friday, 29 October 2010

More Evidence

It is a bit like I am addicted to making these silly characters for my home made top trump cards which now number well over 300. Perhaps I should just start wearing an anorak and playing dungeons and dragons.

Daosy was a magician’s assistant until the ‘cutting her in two’ act went terribly wrong. Daosy used to have a lower half and a jet engine.

Villomax has been claiming jobseekers’ allowance for some time as nobody appears to want to employ a nuclear-powered triple-way nipper.


Jianne fell in love with a carboretta called Candy Rose. They have had three offspring: a cork screw, and spanner and a fork lift truck.


  1. ?

    Yaheetootle = Yo, hot eel tea?

    Plarfinhut = half turnip?

    harnickaloonee = a chalkier noone?

  2. And Codgi and I thought our secret spy language was impossible to decode. That's it'll have to be in our spy gang



    We'll set up the HQ in the accomodate France (Are you in Brittany Codgi? It's not important - you can take the Austin Martin - you'll be there in no time), Norwich and Dallas.

    I'll arrive via Chitty Chitty Bang Bang if that's not too conspicuous.

    Otherwise known as: Franichlads...but we didn't need to tell you are clearly fluent.


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