Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Nit comb

I have bought an amazing electronic nit comb. It buzzes until it finds a nit and then the buzz is interrupted until the nit has been zapped and falls out of the hair dead.

Hours of pleasure. I'd recommend one even if nits don't visit your house. You could chase ants with it, for example.

Sorry I needed an antidote after that last post!

After years of battling....this is my definitive answer to the nit problem: for complete nit blasting and prevention:

Hedrin Once to get rid of nits.

Then buy a water spray bottle (Superdrug sell them) and fill it with water plus a few drops of lavender essential oil. Spray your child's hair before they go to school. Nits hate lavender. Alternatively, tea tree oil shampoo also seem to prevent infestations!


  1. Odd -- I was just reading your earlier post, thinking how much we had in common, and then saw this one about your excitement over the electric nit comb.


    I love it.


  2. This looks suspiciously like one of those Ronco "get the fluff off your cardigan" devices they used to sell in the seventies.

    Do you think that someone found a job lot of them stuck away in the back of a warehouse somewhere and, as no one wears cardies anymore - and hasn't done so since Kevin Keegan last scored an international goal (apart from me, of course, but that's another story), decided to re-brand them as electronic nit combs?

    Worth pondering?

    All the best


    P.S. I enjoyed your last post but I do have to say that I stopped hating my parents the moment I became them!

    P.P.S. On that front, Larkin really had the right idea.

  3. Couldn't help but notice that 'nit comb' sounds quite a bit like 'kit gnome'. One thing led to another and an internet search yielded this!

  4. Oh, to have enough hair to warrant one. Seriously thinking about the ant option though!

  5. Told you, they are fab! No more lotions, wet combing or just letting the nits settle in for a few months. A few days of combing and they're gone. My recommended top buy of 2010. Closely followed by a hot glue gun.

  6. Pearl - does that mean we don't have a nit comb in common then?

    Keith - I love de-bobbling cardigans - without tools although when I heard there was a tool it sort of appealed. I like chipping and grooming jobs. Nits...defo need tools. I was happy with the fins toothed comb but buzzing, zapping and falling out with little legs in the air is as good as nit removal has ever been.

    I have a fear of turning into my mum but I am bound to have elements of her aren't I. In fact my difficulties with her might all be down to projection (see earlier post)

    Ken D - after years of nit infestations, I would be driven to say that hair can sometimes be overrated.

    Claire - like you said - I always do what you tell me

  7. I wonder whether that would work on fleas on the dog.

  8. Oh and Eric....more or less the same.

    Fred - this nit comb could work on anything...but I am a fan possibly a little deluded

  9. Hey Fred if it works on your dog's fleas I'll try it on my cat

  10. Nice to know I have started something...the pets might not thank me though


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