Thursday, 4 November 2010

Myer Briggs Illustrated

I added these illustations to a post wrote last winter: Myers Briggs and Communication but I like them enough to just brazenly post them, on their own, without any explanation. Perhaps I will get a reputation for being reckless!

There might be a nutter out there somewhere that these might mean something to.

Here goes.....

For those pictures don't work for.....


  1. I like it Molly...but then again I do love Myers Briggs as it helped me understand why I was a social misfit.

  2. Yes. You are really extreme on the P and N spectra yes?

  3. Makes you creative but also make you a genuine freak.

    Can win them all.

  4. My pleasure.
    Most people fall close to the middle of each spectra. A bell curve sits on top of each one to represent each position on the spectrum's occurence in the population

  5. It's so nice to talk to a fellow freak that loves this stuff.
    Time for a face ;-)

  6. Oh and another thing. You are allowed to meet new people without 'typing' them. that is a little over the top.

  7. "There might be a nutter out there somewhere that these might mean something to."

    Guilty as charged. :)

  8. The cool thing about all this is that it's understandable in any language because of the drawing. Even colorblind people who can't see the difference between red and green would still be able to make out the 'squiggles of thinking'.

  9. INTJ for me. Bet you are something like ESFP

    Maybe ENFP?

  10. Andy C - you are my comfort commenter. xx (INFP)

    Eric - (INTJ???) I like that...squiggles of thinking...squinking for short huh? You didn'r reply to my last YOU get to decide which inventions get the go ahead????

    Mark - I am E, very N, F, very P. I love ESFPs (they make every moment a party) but they make me look 'steady' and focused! ESFPs tend to HATE myers briggs - can't stay around long enough to enjoy or conceptualise its practical applications....My N ness is very apparent.....perhaps not as much as I thought!!! Carl Jung said we spend the second half of our lives exploring the other end of the spectrum....perhaps that's what I am doing.

    I know an extraordinary large number of INTJs and INFJs considering they are relatively rare. Your INTJ-ness is apparent from you blog.

  11. Could very well go through pictograms would transfer any language.

  12. chit chat chit chat.
    you are funny.
    i have no idea what you are on about.
    what does that make me?
    don't answer that.

  13. "I am E, very N, F, very P. I love ESFPs "

    Molly, you're talking in code but I can recognise a categorisation scheme when I see one... where do i find out which box I'm in?

  14. Leovi - as do your asombroso photos

    Clipster - I've been chez clipster again and found you had done your homework. Surprising. I was expecting rebellion. I award you an A+. You are the best crazeeeee blogger lady I know. (That is an award).

    Hi Gill,
    It's Myers Briggs personality preferences. I have blogged about it a bit in the past and have my regular followers all typed!!!!!!! (Not really)
    There's a free online test

    or read these posts...

    or just look at the pictures and see which of each pair you identify with most. I might guess you were an INFJ - although You might be T.

  15. I humbly accept your award. (kneeling)
    Thank you. (nodding and smiling to the crowd.)
    Exit stage right.

  16. I love the way your judge has dotted his "I"s and crossed his "T"s

  17. Molly, believe it or not, I'm probably ENTP. I'm still on the fence about I or E.

    A group of people decides about whether an investment is go/no go. It is actually pretty exciting though, because sometimes it can mean bringing great new products to the world.

  18. Ahah!

    ENTP - my cousin!
    Quick thinking, creative, fact manipulator that can argue any side of any argument?
    INTP - 'things' and 'concepts' people.

  19. ooh, good guess, Molly-master-of-the-Myers-Briggs
    INTJ... apparently I'm a mastermind (doesn't say whether I'm a Dr Evil sort of Mastermind or a Magnus Magnusson kind). But there you go, can't argue with the facts...

  20. See that's the difference between people I have met and those I haven't. I haven't met Eric - but he's an undisputed N (a very clever N at that!)

    It can be hard to be a female INTJ - it's a little counter-culture! They usually expect very high standards...of themsleves and others. I'd go Magnus Magnusson (or Lisa Simpson!!!)

  21. Clipster....I knew you'd like your award. The ceremony wasn't that formal and you weren't actually required to kneel - just curtsey. The trophy was a pink and gold blow up one and huge but you managed to person-handle it into the car and it's now in your back yard for all the see. These awards were sponsored by Fruit and Nut

    Codgi - well observed! I like that too...have you seen what happened to the perceivers T and I? Not so straightforward there!

  22. too true... very high standards... of matchiness of kitchen crockery, for example?

  23. The pics more than work for me my dear :-)

    C x

  24. Yes, I did notice the perceiver's Ts and Is.... Looking at your pictures, I'm happy with my INTJ "rating" but I'm finding that if I re-do the test, the results vary a bit with my mood.

    Last time (a facebook "quiz") I came out INFP

  25. Codgi,
    I haven't actually met you but you come across as very INTJ (although you could muster a P) The Facebook test isn't so good. Self diagnosis is best.

    INFPs are the most sensitive of all the types. Driven by a strong set of inner values (rather than principles - thinkers have principles). I will send you the profile for INTP and INFP...I already sent uoi INTJ yes?

  26. Hi Molls, you've sent me the INTJ profile, and it fits comfortably with me.

    I'm not sure about the difference between principles and values as it applies to me.

    The IN bit seems to be pretty definite though.

  27. I like 'The Codge' You sound like a gangster.

    I went to send the other profiles but my net went down just as I was about to press send!

    Will try again when I have finished taking children to parties!!!

  28. I love the drawings! Didn't get chance to say so earlier as my internet has been down and been confined to phone - very hard to type on it!

  29. I like my picture codes ENTJ the faces say it all for me very satisfying :)


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