Friday, 10 December 2010

Change is on the wind

Interesting times, interesting times.

It is already feeling quite different from a year ago.
My wonderings are:

1) With so many socially-minded, middle income people being made redundant, what will fill that work void? By their nature, public sector workers tend to be idealists and not overly 'business minded'. A sweeping generalisation, but I don't think these 'types' are overly suited to business in boom time...let alone a time when people are being financially cautious. We are in the early days of this change. The first wave of redundancies are about to kick in. There are many more to come. So we haven't seen their full impact yet.

2) Recession can mean less consumption. This is good for the planet! We nearly all consume much more than we need. I wonder if a fundamental shift in values might occur or is this just my wish list? I guess difficult times can make people go both ways: snatchy, selfish and dark (1930s Germany) or connecting and mutually supportive in the face of adversity (London WWII or Christmas shopping!!!!)

3) With a Labour government trying to address social ills and appearing to tackle inequality for so long (albeit not overly effectively), we haven't seen substantial demonstrations for some time. Well there were war demonstrations but I didn't feel their presence as much as recent rumblings. Social networking is making organised protests far more accessible! People seem to be articulating their points far more effectively and abundantly.

4) Can an economy be based on a model other than increased production and growth (with bankers creaming off the top and making greater production neceesary)? It feels like that puzzle might need solving before all the world's resources are used up. The assumptions seems to be that we need to 'boom' again. Cannot we manage something different, something better for people and the planet?

Economics by a simpleton

They are just rambling thoughts. I have been avoiding the news as much as I can as it always leaves me depressed and with an exaggerated view of just how dark the world is! I need to believe the world can do well!


  1. In a way, my inner optimist tells me that this is all good news. The collective work of people becomes more closely aligned with what is needed by society in an economic 'reset' time. No more of the status quo, materialism drops a few pegs and helping your fellow man becomes more important than it has been in recent memory...

    On the other hand, my inner pessimist tells me that disruptions will make food and medicine (even in first world countries) much more expensive and in short supply. Wars will break out as different countries squabble over currency levels, current accounts and bond defaults, as well as what is left of the spoils of productive output of the past several decades.
    Best to be prepared for when the trumpets blow and pestilence, war, famine and death follow...

    Whoa, I guess my inner pessimist sometimes kicks the butt of my inner optimist.

  2. We certainly live in interesting times. Much as I am enjoying loathing the current government (it makes me feel young again), the very act of blaming those cretins is a way of avoiding any sense of personal responsibility.

    I agree that another 'boom' will probably hasten the demise of life on Earth as we know it. I wonder if concern for the environment is only possible in a prosperous economic climate.

  3. Couldn't we stick to anne of green gables?

  4. The media is certainly pessimistic in nature and it would be easy to feel gloomy about prospects if we listened long enough. Never in our lifetime have we been so comfortable. Never has there been such a large percentage of ordinary working people enjoying the fruits of their labour. Things aren't perfect and there is real injustice, but not a patch on what was previously the case. Even without work we not longer have to starve as our parents and grandparents did. Our 8th grandchild would certainly be dead during the birthing process along with his mother, had it not been for advances in medicine and medical procedures. There have been major advances right across the board which touch every aspect of our lives and will continue to do so. We can have great optimism for the future regardless of adversity. Adversity is what shapes us. It'll always be a part of our lives.

    Love, friendship, honesty, service and sacrifice will always be in abundance to bless and give meaning to our lives. They cost nothing.

    Sorry...caught me at a 'life is better than what they want us to believe' moment.

    Enjoyed everyone's comments.

  5. Thank you Ken! A timely reminder of what's really important in life.

  6. Hi again MollyP
    You need to get into local politics as you are young,strong and fiery enough to make a real difference. By all accounts there will soon be enough power at grass roots level to accommodate common-sense thinkers and doers. You'll get my vote!

    Thank you Jonathan.

  7. Oooo Eric..... great comment. I'm off to live on the moon. I'll take a penknife.

    Claire - Eh? Back

    Jonathan - surely over over unber production and consumption is more damaging than the little bit of green ethics people can afford to employ in abundant times???? Dunno

    Claire - No I have done Anne of Green Gables already. Would you like to put in another request?

    Hi Ken D - I agree...I am a good counter of blessings in the most part.

    Jonathan - is your back alright?

    Ken D - Vote for me. Molly P
    Wants peace, love and harmony.

    When I was a waitress in the Little Chef at 16 I was told that 'academic types' (!) like me have no common sense because apparently it is not wise to stand in the restaurant and ask the manager if 'these prawns are off'. That's what I always think of when common sense is mentioned.

    I have managed not to really say anything but used lots of words. Perhaps politics is for me then.


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